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The key element of core competitiveness - quality


quality is the most basic and fundamental element of the core competitiveness of modern enterprises, which can also be said to be the first element. This is recognized by everyone and is relatively clear. However, quality is a concept and a noun. How to combine the concept of quality with practice has specific content and implementation plan. In a specific enterprise, how to form a stable product and service quality of special effects, meet the unlimited needs and aspirations of people and customers with limited resources, and form a real core competitive advantage - that is, what peers and competitors can't easily learn and get, and be in an invincible position in the long-term competition, the following are described in detail from several aspects:

I Q (quality) =qa (functional quality) +qb (adaptive quality)

the practice of quality in marketing and technology development

qa is completed by the laboratory. It is about the performance, technical characteristics, and benefits that a product can bring to the users and customers. QB is a practical process based on the accumulation of experience. Without the practical application process of QB, there will be no embodiment of QA function. Of course, without the source of QA function, there will be no practical application process of QB, both of which are indispensable, Especially for the industry where graphene coated with strong applications can be used as a substitute material for other filling systems, the application process of QB is also very important for the technical development of QA

qa is theoretical, and there is no considerable chemical knowledge. It is very difficult to develop product performance with considerable competitive advantages. 1373. QB is experience, experience accumulation, experience summary and experience digestion in long-term practice. Therefore, the older the coating engineer is, the more popular he is. This is the reason. The chemical theory related to QA is the task of chemists and chemical workers, but the task related to QB is the task of the company's enterprise organization The accumulation and summary of experience form a systematic management

the advantage of chemical engineers is QA, and the disadvantage is QB. But the terrible thing is that for a long time, chemical engineers do not pay attention to QB, thinking that it is not science, but the application is done by the customer. Some chemical engineers can't even understand the operation of chemical reaction and the heating and cooling process, and they don't understand the coating process, that is, the process of oil spray paint, paint brushing environment and so on, How can we develop products with market competitiveness? The research results of many university scientific research institutions are piled up, why is it not applied well? Or there are many defects in the application of these technologies in the handling plant, that is, the technical indicators cannot be reached, and the functional quality cannot be reflected. Therefore, it is often said that "we see many talented poor people". This is to despise practice and the application process, that is, to despise the result of QB. Of course, many chemical engineers should stop the main motor at this time to work effectively, The process of creating infinite market competitive technologies in limited time is vague and unclear, so these engineers will not hesitate to push the problems of coating application to the users, which is contrary to the market competitive economy in modern society to meet the needs and aspirations of customers, so the corresponding q is not competitive

second, success = technical authority +qb accurate diagnosis

qb accurate diagnosis is that marketing personnel, under the guidance of technical engineers, should record and analyze the customer's environment, construction conditions, even the coating substrate, the operator's cultural quality and experience, so as to develop competitive products that can continuously meet the market demand

on the basis of long-term practice, we have summarized the ISO9001:2000 controlled documents, the seven elements of success:

1. Customer product name and purpose

2. What kind of products, varieties and prices of paint are currently used, how much is the monthly consumption, and briefly describe the construction process

3. What are the painters' comments on the currently used paint (advantages and disadvantages, i.e. adaptation quality)

4. Take back the technical indicators and relevant requirements of dry and wet samples

5. What special requirements do painters have for new products (new functional quality and adaptive quality)

6. Core issues that customers are most concerned about (at least three points)

7. Coordinate with the technology department on the completion date of samples and relevant data

the seven elements of success is a change in working thinking. The traditional concept emphasizes that QA is the functional quality and does not care about QB, while modern thinking starts with QB and develops after detailed description and analysis of the environment, conditions, construction requirements and processes

here is a practical example to illustrate that when opening up the market of an international company, the company was very famous. The samples could not be more than 5 times, the dosage was very large, and the quality requirements were very strict. The coated products could not have the slightest color difference, and the surface state could not have the slightest defect. There were nearly 50 painters of this kind alone, and they were using the paint of a famous enterprise at that time. Some of them were asking, In that case, why change the paint? It is because the engineers of this famous enterprise use the traditional thinking mode to work. If the customers have problems, they will push all to the manufacturer (of course, the vast majority are indeed caused by the problems in the construction process). They blame the painters for not strictly following the operation process. Therefore, the construction personnel have great opinions, and the personnel of the production center have opinions, but there is nothing to argue and say, because the engineers of the paint manufacturer, under the guidance of the site, It can spray a good surface effect. We use modern market competition thinking to work

first of all, starting with QB and the seven elements of success, several very important factors are found:

① due to the large amount of coated products, the color of its substrate is often different

② there are many painters, and their technical and operational levels are different, that is, some people add more diluents, have a large amount of air outlet, and have a long spraying distance, while some painters prefer to add less

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