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Quality problems and solutions in glass deep processing

at present, the quality of glass deep processing products is generally on the rise, and the product quality is in line with national standards. In particular, from May 1st, 2003, the state stipulates that products that have not obtained the compulsory product certification certificate and have not imposed the Chinese compulsory certification mark shall not be delivered, imported or sold. Tempered glass and laminated glass in glass deep-processing products are compulsory certification products. The compulsory safety glass products stipulated by the state must pass the national compulsory "3C" certification before they can be produced and sold. Other glass deep-processing varieties must also pass a number of product sampling inspections by the State Bureau of technical supervision. Therefore, many glass deep-processing enterprises regard improving product quality, strengthening internal quality management, and steadily improving product competitiveness as the focus of enterprise management

glass deep-processing products are widely used in all fields of people's life, mainly in construction, transportation, industry, civil, military and other aspects. There are many kinds of deep processed glass. By use: architectural glass, automotive glass, marine glass, aviation glass, electronic glass, special glass, etc. According to the process: the exhibition organizing committee of cutting glass and edging glass sincerely invites enterprises and people to participate in the exhibition! Glass, tempered glass, coated glass, hot bending glass, colored glaze glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, vacuum glass, art glass and other products. Characteristics of glass deep-processing products: there are many kinds of products, great changes, high processing accuracy, strict quality requirements, difficult production, and a wide range of applications

quality problems of glass deep-processing products

1 tempered glass cannot meet the quality requirements

mainly manifested in insufficient tempered strength, large fragment particles, bow and waveform exceeding the standard, self explosion of tempered glass, serious wind spots of tempered glass, etc

2 the coated glass cannot meet the quality requirements

it is mainly manifested in the appearance of the coated glass, such as pinholes, peeling, spots, stripes, color differences and so on. The wear resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance of the film are unqualified, and the film is not firm

3 early failure of insulating glass

it is mainly manifested in the internal frosting of insulating glass, uneven outer sealant (with zebra white glue), sealing failure, poor membrane removal of Low-E insulating glass, oxidation of Low-E glass, unqualified high temperature and high humidity performance inspection, short service life, etc

4 the service life of the laminated glass is short

mainly due to the degumming of the edges of the laminated glass, bubbles, yellowing of the film, poor coincidence of the two pieces of glass, there is overlap, and the heat resistance, radiation resistance and humidity resistance tests of the laminated glass are unqualified

5 the appearance of the product is defective

mainly manifested in scratches, broken edges, missing corners, inaccurate dimensions, wrong product identification, quantity, specification and the actual product are not in line, resulting in rework, return and scrap

analysis on the causes of quality problems of deep-processing products

1 enterprise leaders do not pay enough attention to product quality

there are three factors affecting market competition: quality, price and delivery time. Among them, quality is in the leading position. If enterprise leaders have poor quality awareness and only focus on immediate interests and ignore product quality, products will slowly lose market competitiveness

2 the quality awareness of production staff is weak

the income of production staff is generally linked to output and efficiency. If their cultural quality is not high and their awareness of quality is weak, they ignore the quality of products and only pursue output, regardless of quality and efficiency, there may be potential quality problems in products

3 the purchase and use of raw materials are not strictly monitored

the purchase of raw materials only depends on the price, ignoring the quality and performance. If the use of low-quality raw materials, especially glass raw sheets, cannot meet the specified standard requirements, it will directly affect the appearance quality of products, and lead to the loss of some internal quality functions of products, so that the quality of deep-processing products can not be guaranteed

4 there is a lack of quality control in the production process, and the execution of quality inspection is not enough.

in the production process, there is a lack of necessary detection means, methods and inspection and test instruments and equipment. Due to the lax control of products, unqualified products flow to users and produce adverse effects

solutions to the quality problems of glass deep processing products

1 improve the quality awareness of all staff participation

enterprises should establish and operate a quality management system that continuously has the effect of ◎ experimental equipment host: WDW electronic universal experimental machine. At present, many large and medium-sized glass deep-processing enterprises have passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, formulated quality management rules for each department and post, clarified management responsibilities, standardized management processes, and implemented total quality management in the company

2 do a good job in the purchase and incoming inspection of raw materials

in order to ensure the continuous and stable quality of deep-processing products, we must start from the source and control the quality of incoming raw materials. Take the quality management of the original glass as the key quality control point of glass deep processing, and do a good job in the quality management of the original glass, so as to advance the product quality management from "post inspection" to "pre control", and greatly reduce the subsequent testing pressure and process control quality cost. Enterprises need to formulate relevant procurement procedures, list raw material suppliers with good quality and high reputation into the list of qualified suppliers, and give priority to the raw materials they supply when purchasing. At the same time, the company should do a good job in the incoming inspection of key parts and materials provided by suppliers to meet the requirements of product production regulations

3 standardize the process of products from production to delivery, and form documents

formulate and improve the process standards and operation processes of deep-processing products, as well as the inspection procedures and test procedures of products. The deep-processing products must be produced according to the specified standards and processes, and the quality of products must be comprehensively monitored from production to delivery

4 formulate the quality plan for product production

different products have different processing requirements and processing difficulties. Before production, formulate the quality plan according to the product structure of the order, and achieve clear quality objectives, clear process parameters and clear production process in production. Ensure the smooth progress of the whole production process

5 do a good job in the process inspection control and process inspection of deep-processing products

inspect the products according to the inspection procedures and test procedures of the products, and then transfer to the next process or warehousing after passing the inspection. Set up quality control points in the key production processes of products or processes that have a great impact on product quality and low industry concentration, and apply statistical technology to analyze the production process, so as to maintain the stability of product quality. During the production process, the first article must be inspected, and the combination of self inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection should be achieved in the process quality control

6 do a good job in the final inspection and test of deep-processing products

inspectors should accurately use instruments and equipment and relevant inspection standards to inspect the final products according to the requirements of the operating procedures, in order to prevent unqualified products from leaving the factory and flowing into the hands of users, damaging the interests of users and corporate reputation. Only when the relevant inspection and test results meet the requirements, the final products can be delivered from the warehouse

7 actively and timely handle the product quality problems complained by users

for the complaints of users, the quality management department should take the initiative to contact users, understand the quality problems, analyze the causes, and do a good job in communicating and explaining with users, and put forward a complaint handling plan. If necessary, technicians can be arranged to the user's site to check, find out the reasons, and explain to the user, so that the user can get a satisfactory reply. If corrective and preventive measures need to be taken for the quality problems complained, the quality management department shall timely put forward quality improvement measures to relevant departments, and track and implement them, so that the product quality can be continuously improved

8 actively carry out Miss QC activities in enterprises

enterprises use the theory and methods of total quality management to select topics to carry out QC group activities, so that product quality problems can be effectively prevented and continuously improved. Through Miss QC activities, we can improve the quality of employees, stimulate their enthusiasm and creativity, effectively improve production efficiency and product quality, and reduce costs

9 quality management should have the courage to innovate and strengthen cooperation

enterprises should use advanced management concepts, be strict and meticulous in management, and strengthen execution. Adhere to the principle of management serving production and the front line. Within the industry, we should strengthen industry self-discipline, strengthen communication and cooperation, and maintain the development of deep processing industry. Quality problems in society should be dealt with in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, strengthen law enforcement and standardize the market

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