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The organic thermal insulation material industry will usher in new opportunities for development

the organic thermal insulation material industry will usher in new opportunities for development

June 24, 2013

[China paint information] on June 20, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials is also mostly between 50% and 100%, said that the Beijing green building action implementation plan will be issued soon. Following Fujian, Shandong, Jiangsu and other provinces, Beijing will also implement mandatory standards for building energy efficiency, which ushers in new opportunities for the development of the green organic insulation material industry

since April, the mandatory standards for building energy conservation issued continuously by various regions are the detailed implementation of the national green building action plan. Quhongle, director of the wall material innovation and structure technology division of the science and technology and industrialization service center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, said in an interview at the 2013 national green building materials degradation film experiment and the energy-saving structure technology exchange and promotion conference held recently that the green building action plan requires local conditions, local materials, and vigorously develop green building materials that are safe, durable, energy-saving, environmental friendly, and convenient for construction. Accelerate the development of building insulation systems and materials with good fire and heat insulation performance, multi-functional composite integrated wall materials and other building materials. Actively support the development of green building materials industry, and organize the industrialization demonstration of green building materials. This undoubtedly sounded the horn of great development for the green building and green building materials industry

it is reported that at the beginning of this year, the No. 1 document of the general office of the State Council forwarded the "green building action plan" of the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, requiring green building actions to be carried out and mandatory standards for building energy efficiency to be strictly implemented. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China will complete the construction of 1billion square meters of new green buildings; By the end of 2015, 20% of new urban buildings will meet the requirements of green building standards; Complete the heating metering and energy-saving transformation of existing residential buildings in northern heating areas of more than 400million square meters, and the energy-saving transformation of existing residential buildings in hot summer and cold winter areas of 50million square meters The oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body. 120million square meters of public buildings and office buildings of public institutions were transformed for energy conservation, and 400000 sets of energy-saving demonstrations for the transformation of dilapidated houses in rural areas were implemented

Lin Yongfei, chairman of polyurethane products professional committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said that advocating the concept of green building and promoting green organic thermal insulation materials and green building materials such as molded polystyrene board (EPS), extruded polystyrene board (XPS), rigid foam polyurethane board (PUR) have become the mainstream direction of China's architectural development. According to his calculation, according to the energy-saving reconstruction goal of old houses required by the plan, the future market capacity of building energy-saving materials will reach 2.6 trillion yuan based on the reconstruction standard of 200 yuan per square meter

Zhang Shujun, a professor level senior engineer of China Academy of building standards design and research, said in an interview that although the fire accident once brought a severe test to the organic thermal insulation industry, the role and status of organic thermal insulation materials, as the most cost-effective environmental protection materials for green buildings, are irreplaceable. In order to ensure the safety of exterior wall insulation and fire prevention, we must develop organic insulation materials with high flame retardant performance, low smoke, low toxicity and reasonable price

it is understood that China is the largest construction market in the world, but at present, more than 95% of it is still high-energy buildings, and building energy consumption has accounted for 27% of the energy consumption of the whole society. If no energy-saving measures are taken, 50% of China's energy consumption will be in buildings in 2020

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