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The decline in ore prices and the rebound in steel prices are difficult to sustain

under the background of production reduction and shutdown, in the last month of 2015, iron ore and rebar futures prices fought back together, both rising nearly 10% in total. According to the analysis of insiders, the rise of raw materials is only a phased replenishment, and the overall demand is still relatively weak against the background of steel plant production reduction. Despite the recent rise in steel prices, due to the pressure of sales and capital, the possibility of short-term resumption of production of steel mills that stopped production in the early stage in the north is very small. At present, steel mills in Jiangsu and other places are basically at full capacity, and there is basically no potential to tap. Therefore, it is difficult for the raw material market to continue to rise. Under the drag of raw materials, the rebound in steel prices is also difficult to continue

there is no sign of recovery in the commencement of steel plants

compared with the steel market, the imported ore market has performed generally since new year's day. Affected by the continuous depreciation of the RMB, the price fell slightly for four consecutive days. Customers should pay special attention when using the machine. 1. According to the agency, due to the reduction of foreign iron ore shipments during Christmas, the arrival volume of Chinese ports has decreased significantly in the past two weeks, and the port inventory continues to fall, but remains high. Domestic mines are basically priced without a market, and mining enterprises generally limit production and raise prices

some analysts said that compared with the short rise in the price of futures contract delivery in recent months and the use of electronic universal testing machines in the company, the impact of steel mill production reduction on the demand for iron ore is real, resulting in relatively limited rebound space and time for iron ore. It is expected that the price of imported ore will continue to fall slightly next week, and domestic ore will be mainly stable. After the festival, the price of domestic raw materials fluctuated at a low level, the price of imported ore fell slightly continuously, and the price of billets and scrap steel rebounded significantly. The basic formula (7) of the price of domestic ore and coke can also be simplified as: stable

take iron ore as an example. Although the steel market has warmed up recently, there is no sign of recovery in the start-up of steel mills. On the contrary, the production reduction plan of steel mills has increased, and the price of imported ore has been callback, making the demand for domestic ore more depressed. Domestic mines have no good expectations for the future market, and production and maintenance are gradually increasing

relevant statistics show that in December 2015, the iron ore shipment volume of Port Hedland in Australia and the iron ore export volume of Brazil increased significantly year-on-year, indicating that the supply of international mainstream mines is still increasing. With the acceleration of the process of reducing production capacity of steel mills, the average daily output of crude steel of key enterprises counted by China Steel Association has fallen for 40 consecutive days, the reduction of production and maintenance of steel mills are still increasing, and the pressure of supply exceeding demand in the iron ore market is still large

At the beginning of the new year, supply side reform has been frequently mentioned, indicating that supply adjustment has become the main focus of the policy to resolve the excess capacity of steel and coal. Various signs show that the core of supply side reform for industries with overcapacity such as steel and coal is to make up our minds to speed up capacity reduction. Iron and steel enterprises may present a fierce competitive situation of survival of the fittest in 2016, which will bring pain to some enterprises, but for the overall iron and steel industry, it is expected to usher in the gradual improvement of supply and demand and the gradual return of steel prices to a reasonable price

according to the data, the average daily output of crude steel of key steel enterprises fell for 40 consecutive days in mid December 2015, and reached a new low in November 2012. After all, the control system of the drop hammer impact tester was analyzed and designed. The main functional systems include system management, impact tester control, real-time data management and reality. Although the steel price has rebounded recently, there is basically no sign of resumption of production for the steel mills that reduced or stopped production in the early stage, and some steel mills still plan to further increase production reduction. It is also understood that the recent export order receiving situation of steel mills has remained good, and the overall export volume of steel mills in December continued to rise compared with November. Domestic market and steel mill inventory are expected to remain low, and there will not be much pressure on supply in the short term

recently, the domestic and foreign capital markets have been turbulent. The sharp depreciation of the RMB, the sharp fall of the domestic stock market have triggered the financing mechanism for four consecutive times, and the international oil price has fallen by more than 8%, causing panic in the market. Domestic steel futures prices also fell significantly, and the market mentality turned pessimistic, which will also have an adverse impact on the trend of spot steel prices

Qiu Yuecheng, a senior researcher, said that after the new year, the domestic and foreign capital markets were turbulent, the RMB devaluation accelerated, the stock market triggered the financing mechanism four times a week, and the crude oil price fell sharply, which had a great impact on the domestic market mentality. In the past three weeks, the domestic steel price has increased by more than 200 yuan/ton. As the Spring Festival approaches and the terminal demand weakens, businesses will increase their willingness to cash in profitable resources, and the short-term domestic steel price may face some callback pressure

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