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Modern agricultural equipment helps Xiangzhou agricultural mechanization transformation and upgrading

"the fundamental way out for agriculture lies in mechanization". In Xiangzhou District, Xiangyang City, relying on the local modern agricultural equipment industrial manufacturing base, it not only accelerates the whole process of mechanization of ordinary belt agriculture in the region, but also promotes the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization, becoming the first demonstration county (city, district) in China to basically realize the whole process of mechanization of major crops

on the morning of March 16, representatives participating in the national spring agricultural production and agricultural mechanization transformation and upgrading work conference came to the modern agricultural equipment industry manufacturing base located in the international logistics park in Xiangzhou District, Xiangyang City, to watch a crop plant protection machine slowly open a 12 meter wide spray tube and walk autonomously in the hilly area imitating the planting of soybeans and corn. Surprisingly, this crop plant protection machine has no steering wheel, There is no driver's seat, and the power comes from new energy that does not burn gasoline and diesel. All operations are under the remote control of the computer

this crop protection machine in front of us integrates many core technologies such as driverless, automatic control, new energy, artificial intelligence and so on. In the modern agricultural equipment industrial manufacturing base of Xiangzhou international logistics park, intelligent agricultural equipment like this is moving from the research and development process to the production stage

Dongfeng Jingguan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Xiangzhou District, is a modern agricultural equipment high-tech enterprise with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan and an area of 560 mu, built by the "strong alliance" of Dongfeng Automobile Group and Japan Jingguan agricultural machinery company. In the assembly workshop of Dongfeng Jingguan, modern agricultural machines and tools, large and small, are arranged neatly, covering the whole process of agricultural production from farming, planting, management, harvesting, storage and so on

"this high-speed rice transplanter has two characteristics: one is high efficiency. It can transplant 10 mu of rice seedlings in one hour, while manual planting can only transplant 0.8 Mu a day. The other is precise fertilization. We have added the function of soil measurement and fertilization behind the rice transplanting head, which can accurately apply fertilizer next to the seedlings to promote the rapid growth of seedlings." In front of a new rice transplanter, Chen Quanmin, the head of operation and management of Dongfeng Jingguan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., introduced it excitedly

on the basis of leveraging the international brand of "Jingguan", Dongfeng Jingguan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. has built its own brand through digestion and absorption, continuously strengthened the construction of independent research and development capacity, independently developed and launched the independent brand of "Yinong", built five independent innovation technology platforms, including tractors, rice transplanters, harvesters, new energy and intelligence, obtained more than 480 national patents, and was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province

At the same time, Dongfeng Jingguan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. aims at the demand, optimizes the supply structure, and grasps the requirements of the supply side structural reform. In this paper, combined with China's material testing standards, aiming at the weak links of rice mechanization, it has upgraded and developed special lightweight tractors for paddy fields, high-speed rice transplanters with depth measurement and fertilization function, pot seedling transplanters, plant protection machines with reduction and efficiency increase and precise pesticide application Green and efficient machines and tools with high efficiency and low loss rate, such as harvesters, have launched light and durable special agricultural machines for the needs of characteristic industries such as mountains, hills and vegetables, forming a complete mechanized solution for the whole process of modern agriculture

in addition, Dongfeng Jingguan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. has a long-term layout and intelligent upgrading. By integrating the world's leading driverless and artificial intelligence technology resources, it has formed advanced driverless, new energy, automatic control system and other core technologies, launched driverless intelligent tractors, rice transplanters, harvesters, and built an advanced intelligent agricultural equipment and intelligent agricultural service modernization system. On this basis, Dongfeng Jingguan agricultural 1million lithium-ion electric vehicles need at least 50000-60000 tons of battery grade graphite. Machinery Co., Ltd. expands the market and participates in international competition. Its products are exported to Southeast Asian markets such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, and the company's product competitiveness and brand influence in the international market continue to improve

Zha Yao, deputy director of the production technology department of Dongfeng Jingguan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., introduced that an unmanned plant protection machine produced by the company can complete the spraying of leaf fertilizer or spraying prevention and control of crops on an acre of land in an average of one minute. The working area in one hour is 40 mu to 60 mu, and the working area in one day is about 400 mu, which is 20 to 40 times higher than the manual efficiency. The effect of drug saving and spraying prevention and control is better than that of manual work

the modern agricultural equipment high-tech enterprises that have landed in Xiangzhou have also installed a new engine and added new momentum to the whole process mechanization of agriculture and the transformation and upgrading of Agricultural Mechanization in Xiangzhou District

"all Jingguan harvesters in our cooperative are equipped with Beidou agricultural machinery terminal application equipment, which can realize driverless precision operation. Sitting in the office, we can see which field this harvester is working in and how much area it has harvested through the computer or command the harvester to adjust the stubble height of wheat or rice." Xiao Yu, chairman of Xiangzhou shuangfengshou agricultural machinery professional cooperative, told me

like Xiao Yu's double harvest agricultural machinery professional cooperative, in Xiangzhou District, 660 agricultural machinery have been equipped with Beidou navigation control system, and the farmland operation area has reached 750000 mu, realizing the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization. According to statistics, up to now, Xiangzhou District has a total power of 1.4 million kw of agricultural machinery, with more than 100000 sets of agricultural machinery, ranking in the forefront of the province

Huang Jin, the head of Xiangzhou District, told that in recent years, Xiangzhou District has seriously implemented the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery. On the basis of consolidating and improving the level of machine farming machine seeds and harvests, focusing on land preparation, sowing, plant protection, harvesting, drying and straw, it points out that it has vigorously promoted the six key links of promoting breakthrough development in key areas, made efforts to complement the shortcomings of efficient plant protection, origin drying, straw treatment and so on, and promoted advanced and applicable agricultural mechanization technology and equipment Cultivate and expand the main body of agricultural machinery service market and explore the whole process mechanized production mode. In the 100000 Mu green high-quality and high-efficiency demonstration area of wheat, the comprehensive mechanization rate of wheat and rice production reached 95%, while the comprehensive operation rate of agricultural machinery in the whole area reached 88.1%. The whole process mechanization of wheat, rice, corn and other major agricultural crops has been realized, achieving the purpose of high efficiency, cost saving, yield increase and income increase of agricultural production

(Yang Han, Huang Rui, Longshang channel of Hubei Radio and television, Ren Wei, Xiangzhou station)

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