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Mobile Warehousing: control system and computer management

ltw Lagertechnik warehouse technology company, as the general contractor of the logistics equipment project in the elevated warehouse of salinen Austria company, is responsible for building a new dynamic logistics. The high-speed cargo turnover capacity shows the high efficiency of the warehouse

in order to reassure salinen Austria, a salt manufacturer, about the improvement of future production and the related distribution, the company decided to comprehensively expand the logistics infrastructure in Ebensee production base, which was completed in cooperation with LTW

in addition to the maximum power of the equipment, the biggest challenge of this project is the expensive anti-corrosion measures taken through salt precipitation

the three channel elevated pallet warehouse (HRL) is divided into two asymmetrical parts in the form of a loop through the connection of transportation technology

Figure 1 in the elevated warehouse, the 23m high shelf operation equipment operates at a running speed of 4m/s and a lifting speed of 1.5m/s

efficient cargo circulation

six shelf operation equipment (RBG) of LTW company are responsible for the rapid circulation of goods in HRL. The RBG is about 23m high, the running speed is 4m/s, the system passes through the controller, and the lifting speed is 1.5m/s. Each RBG can handle up to 92 pallets per hour. In order to meet the extremely high requirements of 1 and 3 closed-loop electronic all-round data testing machines in terms of corrosion prevention, RBG adopts hot-dip galvanization and adds three layers of coating. Almost all components that cannot be plated are made of stainless steel, and aluminum is completely abandoned. For example, the ladder used to maintain RBG is made of wood. RBG's power supply cable (sliding feeder close to the ground) is covered with special covers to prevent falling salt pollution

for the double depth storage of goods, the tray shelf made of wood (Blockboard structure) by Kaufmann bausysteme company is used, and the shelf is made of silo structure supported by roof and wall. For reasons of corrosion protection, metal connectors cannot be used, so the ancient woodworking tradition dovetail joints are used to connect wooden parts. When making this connection, the shape of the connector is like a dovetail, and the column and beam are simply bonded together

the goods are carried by two horizontal mobile vehicles in the front area of HRL and assigned to eight pick-up stations

wooden shelves do not need special treatment

unlike steel shelves, wooden shelves can also be used in salt storage warehouses without special treatment, because wooden shelves can basically resist the impact of harsh environment. In terms of fire prevention, wood also has outstanding advantages because of its uniform and calculable combustion performance - sudden failure of materials is simply impossible for wood

pallets are stored in 3 positions (3 pallets per shelf), a total of 12 shelves. There are about 11200 pallet storage locations in the whole HRL, and each location can store up to 1050kg of goods

in terms of production automation connection, HRL supplies power through the central transmission technology loop, so that each RBG enters and exits the goods through the tracks in and out of the warehouse in the roadway

part of the outbound goods are ready for rail transportation through the transportation section, and most of them are transported by trucks. The goods are carried by two horizontal mobile vehicles in the front area of HRL, and are allocated to eight pick-up stations, each of which is equipped with three gravity roller tables for truck transportation behind

under the conditions of industry specifications such as talc, MDI and chromium compounds prepared and revised by salinen Austria, each car driver can unload all the goods designated for transportation by himself. Once a driver picks up the goods at the working site of salinen Austria, he will report to the specially set access control with the chip card and order number, and get the unloading platform assigned to him, where he can automatically get the goods from the HRL if the damage is generated at the connection with the chuck. After that, the driver will report to the exit access control and receive the printed shipping order

Figure 2 LTW's warehouse control system is suitable for production planning, distribution, batch tracking, complex logistics control and automatic equipment assisted unloading

warehouse control system

in this "one-stop overall solution", LTW warehouse control system plays a corresponding role. At the same time, the highly dynamic warehouse is controlled and managed under the cooperation of the warehouse control computer mobilcontroller and the warehouse management computer mobilmanager. In addition to complex logistics control, it can also realize distribution and batch tracking according to customers' needs. As an innovation of LTW company, within the scope of production planning, the company has also jointly developed automatic auxiliary unloading devices with more than ten languages with customers. (end)

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