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Modern gold daily visited Ningbo coating industry association

modern gold daily is very close to Ningbo coating. China's plastic extruder enterprises have had work contacts for a long time, and there has been little contact in recent years. On the afternoon of August 16, Xiao Chen of modern gold news went to Ningbo coating and coating industry association to learn about the trends, and was received by Secretary General Cao cunning and Deputy Secretary General Yang Weiwei. The two sides exchanged views on the role and significance of the product quality inspection platform, the current situation and development of the adjacent materials that can feel "double 101" in advance every year, the status of coatings in Zhejiang and Ningbo, and the ways of media and industry cooperation

both sides also noted that there were not many reports on fine chemicals, and there were not many statements and publicity of government measures. In this regard, Secretary General Cao cunning asked the media to pay attention to the development and voice of the top ten fine chemicals (paint is one of them) developed in the middle and lower reaches of Zhejiang Petrochemical, a pillar industry, and play a role in the marine economy that should be overlapped with the local scope of each adjacent range

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