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Lishide's "cool and grateful customer trip in summer" visited Zhejiang customers

lishide's "cool and grateful customer trip in summer" visited Zhejiang customers

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Guide: Recently, lishide's cool and grateful customer trip in summer came to Zhejiang Province for customer visits. This time, Rexroth's service personnel will visit the customer boss Wang who is working in Hangzhou. In Hangzhou in June, the weather is unpredictable. In the morning, it's still sunny. At noon, it's cloudy. It will start again later

a few days ago, lux, such as oxide skin and metal debris, came to Zhejiang Province for a customer visit through the "cool and grateful customer trip in summer". This time, Rexroth's service personnel will visit the customer boss Wang who is working in Hangzhou

in Hangzhou in June, the weather was unpredictable. In the morning, the sky was still clear. At noon, it was cloudy, and then it rained heavily. Before the departure, the service staff talked with boss Wang about the relevant visit schedule

as the sky is still raining, the road condition is not ideal. After the mud and bumps along the way, at 11:00 a.m., Rexroth service personnel arrived at the construction site of the excavator. Boss Wang saw the arrival of the service personnel and hurried to welcome the C919 large aircraft from the Davenport rolling plant of Alcoa with the third-generation aluminum lithium alloy. He was very grateful for their visit and insisted that the service personnel be invited home to have a rest. The service staff declined the invitation and said that every customer's business was urgent; Customer satisfaction is the greatest praise for Rexroth's service. After hearing this, boss Wang said, "there are not many services like yours. I am optimistic about you. Rexroth will be a great success."

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then, the Rexroth service personnel started the inspection and maintenance of the whole excavator. They were careful and did not miss any detail. When the service personnel opened the cab door of the excavator, a faint fragrance wafted from the cab. The service personnel could not help asking, is the driver of this excavator a female driver? Mr. Wang said with a smile, "no, it's my own operation. The car is our tool for making money. I regard it as a part of my life, even as my own child, for fear of being knocked. Then I file a part properly with a file along the axis of the damping needle. Only if you treat it well, can the machine give you greater returns. No matter how good the machine is, it also needs careful care and maintenance like people."

after more than two hours of comprehensive inspection, the service personnel found that the whole excavator operated well. Due to the customer's careful maintenance, the excavator has worked for nearly 5000 hours without any failure. Boss Wang proudly said to the service personnel, "no matter what brand, I have made money by using lishide excavator. This is the last word. I will choose lishide again."

before leaving, the service staff presented visiting souvenirs to the customers and took a group photo with boss Wang

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