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Rexroth service: don't abandon, don't give up Guide: don't abandon, don't give up Rexroth Service Guangdong region third stop return visit sidelights on June 20, the rally number before dawn has sounded, and at 5:00 in the morning we started our journey to a loyal user of Rexroth, Guangdong sencai mining company, who has four of our Rexroth

- sidelights of the third return visit of Rexroth in Guangdong region on June 20, the rally before dawn was sounded. At 5:00 a.m., we started our journey to a loyal user of Rexroth, Guangdong sencai mining company. He has four Rexroth excavators (two SC, one SC and one SC). Although all four vehicles have exceeded the scope of our three guarantees of quality, But we Rexroth will not abandon them, nor will we abandon them! When they have problems, we will continue to help them

we arrived at the construction site at about 12 o'clock. Although everyone was sweating, we were not frightened by the difficulties. When we arrived at the construction site, we quickly and efficiently carried out a thorough inspection on the four excavators. After inspection, the machine performance was good, and the air conditioning performance was good. The experimenter put a √ before us. When the customer saw us, he held our hand and said that it was hard for you! My car has been insured. Thank you for your concern! We can also see from his bright smiling face that he fully recognizes the quality and service of Rexroth. We politely declined the customer's warm request and continued our service visit

we finished the follow-up visit of sencai mining and ran all the way to the customer boss Zhen in Linping county to visit SC's car. We arrived at the customer's car location, When the work of the vehicle is finished, we will check it immediately (check the liquid level of engine oil, antifreeze, hydraulic oil and gear oil, clean the air intake system, clean the beam in the ball screw pair drive, wash the heat dissipation system, and check the air conditioning system). After our work is finished, we will have a detailed exchange with Mr. Zhen, and finally give gifts for a group photo

lishide Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Guangdong regional return visit is in an orderly process. In view of difficulties and hardships, Guangdong regional service group is determined to successfully complete the return visit, do a good job in the return visit in a down-to-earth and conscientious manner, so as to achieve customer satisfaction, and show the value of this Guangdong regional return visit activity of serving thousands of miles and being grateful to customers!, We believe and firmly believe that lishide excavator will become a flag of domestic national excavator in the near future

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