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Because the kitchen ventilator can solve the problem of high temperature and muggy in the kitchen, it plays the role of ventilation, ventilation and odor removal, and brings fresh air to the kitchen, so it is favored by many family consumers. Many times, the range hood in the kitchen can not completely remove the smoke in the kitchen, and it is very troublesome to clean it up. Therefore, it is wise to consider the installation of ventilator. If you have this demand, let's learn about the price of kitchen ventilator with me

the kitchen ventilator is a very important ventilation helper in the kitchen. If you want to keep the kitchen air fresh, the kitchen ventilator is essential. Compared with those expensive range hoods, the role of kitchen ventilator is also very big. And compared with the range hood, the kitchen ventilator is easier to clean. After having a preliminary understanding of kitchen ventilator, housewives should know more about the price, brand and other relevant knowledge of kitchen ventilator. Don't worry, today I'll introduce some prices, brands and installation methods of kitchen ventilator

introduction to kitchen ventilator

kitchen ventilator can solve the functions of high temperature, muggy, ventilation, ventilation and odor removal in our kitchen, and bring fresh air to the kitchen. It is very important for the cleaning and hygiene of the kitchen environment, and it is an important part of the kitchen. Many people think that if the kitchen is equipped with a range hood, there is no need to install an exhaust fan. In fact, otherwise, the range hood can only play the role of smoke exhaust and can not control the air circulation inside the kitchen, so it is very necessary to install a kitchen exhaust fan inside the kitchen

specification of kitchen ventilator

the specification of kitchen ventilator is generally divided according to the diameter of the fan blade, including 250mm, 400mm, 350mm, 100mm, 150mm, 450mm, 500mm, 300mm, 200mm. The specifications of kitchen ventilator can also be divided according to the outer frame size of ventilator, including 395mm*395mm, 475mm*475mm, 600mm*600mm, 290mm*290mm, 340mm*340mm, etc

features of kitchen ventilator

1. The shape design of kitchen ventilator is simple, with integrated personalized design without mask, which is easy to clean and affordable

2. The kitchen ventilator takes the lead in using the latest solid lubricating oil from the United States, which is free of impurities and leakage. It melts at the lower part of the high temperature state, effectively reducing the noise of the motor and the production of harmful substances, extending the service life of the motor, improving the safety factor, and meeting the environmental protection standards

3. The kitchen ventilator adopts a detachable oil collecting box with a unique concealed nozzle, which makes it more convenient and fast to clean oil stains

4. The surface of the metal frame around the kitchen ventilator is coated, which is corrosion-proof, rust proof, firm and durable, and has strong insulation

5. The kitchen ventilator has the characteristics of anti-static, energy saving and environmental protection, and has achieved a very humanized design

kitchen ventilator brand

Panasonic kitchen ventilator: Panasonic kitchen ventilator is the top brand in the ventilator industry, and its quality is far ahead in the world. Due to the high quality and reliability, there are sales outlets all over the world, and the after-sales service is more convenient to the world

Zhengye kitchen ventilator: the ventilation window of Zhengye kitchen ventilator is small, but highly functional, with clever front louvers, streamlined appearance design, compact, lightweight, snap on panel. It makes its installation and cleaning more convenient and faster

bnn-lonon kitchen ventilator: the whole ventilator has good sealing performance, and the fully automatic computer performance test system ensures that each product can meet the performance requirements from development to production. Ultra quiet, long-term orders, energy-saving and environmental protection design

Midea kitchen ventilator: Midea is a top brand in China, and Midea kitchen ventilator has a good reputation. Midea kitchen ventilator adopts scientific air duct design, which can compensate for pipeline flow loss

Jinling kitchen ventilator: Jinling is also a famous brand in China. Jinling kitchen ventilator adopts a fully automatic computer performance test system to ensure that each product can meet the performance requirements from development to production

AUPU kitchen ventilator: AUPU, a well-known trademark in China, is one of the top ten ventilator brands. AUPU kitchen ventilator adopts professional appearance streamline design and automatic electrical safety test system to carry out full inspection of products, so as to ensure that the performance and safety of each product can meet the needs of customers

price of kitchen ventilator

there are many types of kitchen ventilator, including wall mounted and ceiling mounted. There are also many brands on the wall, about 60 yuan for ordinary ones. The ceiling is more expensive

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

kitchen ventilator installation

wall mounted installation

1. Open an installation hole on the wall

2. Drill holes with an electric drill around the installation hole (symmetrical with a ballpoint pen) and insert plastic expansion tubes

3. Apply force from the side. Jack up the buckle to separate the panel from the support

4. Loosen the screws on the mounting plate, remove the mounting plate and keep it properly

5. Install the bracket into the mounting hole and lock the tapping screw

6. Connect the power supply and cover the panel

editor's summary: the above is the price of kitchen ventilator, and the relevant knowledge of the installation method of kitchen ventilator. I hope to help friends who need this! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to Qijia mall to buy your favorite products




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