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Nowadays, for door and window franchisees, most of them are determined by the market rather than the market. A good location is half the battle

nowadays, for door and window franchisees, most of them are determined by the market rather than the market. A good location is half the battle. If you choose a good location, it's like Phoenix has found Wutong tree, which has taken a solid step for the future. So, how to judge whether the business address of franchise stores for doors and windows is reasonable? To gain market recognition, we need to start with the following points

I: geographical environment

as a consumer, the primary criterion for choosing to enter the door and window franchise store is the geographical environment of the store. Just think, who is willing to stay in the door and window shop near the garbage dump or in the dusty and noisy shop? Even if the doors and windows in the store are tasteful, consumers may also think: how can there be good door and window products worth buying in such a bad place

II: traffic conditions

the convenience of traffic largely determines the number of people arriving. Generally speaking, whether it is a prosperous urban area or a new "upstart" of community commerce, it all has the characteristics of convenient traffic. Whether the location of franchise stores for doors and windows is convenient or not is one of the important factors that directly affect the flow of customers

III: population coverage

population coverage represents the general demand and is the key factor for site selection. Generally speaking, the more densely populated the business district of the market where the door and window franchise stores are located, the better. The most important thing is that the more densely targeted customers are, the better, and they have strong consumption capacity

IV: store area

according to the market size, we should reasonably plan the area of franchise stores for doors and windows, so as to ensure better management of door and window goods. Moreover, only when franchise stores of doors and windows have the conditions for long-term operation can they be conducive to the construction of door and window brands

V: pavement location

as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, and people are grouped together, the location of the pavement is also extremely important. Of course, we should choose places with large traffic and strong consumption capacity. If a building materials store is located in the clothing city, although the traffic is large, most of them just look at it without consumption, and they will bear a lot of rental costs for nothing

VI: suitable brand

as a franchisee, it is important to note that franchising is not necessarily good, but appropriate, and the franchised brand must be highly integrated with the local market environment




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