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As the saying goes, go your own way and let others say it. But Quanyou Kangju believes that if you go your own way, you should also see how others go. The competition in the wooden door industry is fierce. We should learn from excellent enterprises, wooden door peers and consumers, and slowly improve ourselves

some things don't come to fruition after hard work. We also need to pay attention to ways and methods. The world is so big, so wooden door enterprises can look at others' development paths and learn to learn from them, which is of great significance for their own success. In the complex and changeable market environment, it is not enough for wooden door enterprises to survive and develop by just working hard. They also need to learn from those excellent enterprises and peer enterprises, choose the good ones and follow them, and change the bad ones, so as to broaden their horizons and achieve all-round development

first, learn from excellent enterprises

nowadays, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Wooden door enterprises should take the initiative to find benchmarking enterprises and benchmarking practices worthy of learning. Like Google's OKR management mode and Xiaomi's Internet thinking, in fact, these are worth learning from Mumen enterprises. Enterprise practice is always richer and more wonderful than books. Keeping up with excellent practice is also a pleasure in professional improvement

second, learn from the wooden door peers

in the professional growth, the exchanges between peers can often bring experience reference and creative inspiration. Making cars behind closed doors is never a good strategy. Wooden door enterprises can continue to achieve better results only by selecting the best from a variety of schemes. Enterprises of different natures and sizes may have very different views and implementation methods on the same field, which requires the attention of wooden door enterprises

third, learn from consumers

many professionals often fall into professional traps and are getting farther and farther away from users. Such a major is actually a kind of negative value. In fact, all jobs have service targets, perhaps external customers or internal customers. The value of professionalism is to serve customers more efficiently and better, so wooden door enterprises must take users as teachers and build professionalism based on user needs. In practice, users are not only the proponent of problems, but also the contributor of possible solutions. Wooden door enterprises start with the end, which is very important for professional improvement

in a word, wooden door enterprises need to learn to use the successful experience of others in the process of development, and effectively learn from the success to solve various problems. Wooden door enterprises should not only look at their feet, but also raise their heads to see the world and the surrounding areas, so that wooden door enterprises can go further. Quanyou home said, go your own way and let yourself listen to what others say




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