Open the first door of the harbor

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Home is a place to put love, gratitude and family affection into. For adults, home is a harbor and shelter for pressure, hardship and difficulties. For a child, home is like a place of heroes who love, protect and nurture me. "What is home like in your heart?" "It is majestic, with strong arms, calm and elegant, full of security, and always waiting." however, the Royal Knight Mikael series entry door can satisfy all your fantasies about home. For 23 years, we have always adhered to the invincible iron materials, combined with the magnificent beauty of autumn leaves and flowers. The mix and match full of colors arouse children's desire to create and express. I can't help but want to pick up white paper and make a Lego world like home full of novelty, lightness and color. The round door frame is integrated with the hard iron material and European classical technology, and the image of an iron man stands tenderly. The past is vaguely muddy like a dream, all with the wind and rain to my heart. A door leading to home can accompany you through the ups and downs, after the wind and frost and the scorching sun, it is still as stable as before. "Did you see it? The sun followed the steps of the iron door opening and slipped into the room." The steaming smell of rice floating in the house, the cordial greetings of family members, and the endless warmth of laughter "maybe this is the home in my dream, where all emotions belong." Create a desirable place ---- home





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