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Many owners who have houses to be decorated will encounter decoration problems of one kind or another. Interior door is an essential step in home decoration. It can not only play a role of space barrier, but also play a role of room protection. At present, there are many kinds of indoor doors with wood doors, aluminum alloy doors, PVC doors and other materials in the market. Then, with the wood door market becoming more and more popular, there are countless brands. What should we pay attention to when choosing indoor doors? As an indoor door manufacturer, tree life will briefly explain to you the tips of choosing indoor doors

gate wick. What is the wick looking at? See what material it uses and whether it is genuine

see the test report. There are also many kinds of materials. Is environmental protection up to standard? It depends on whether you can provide written guarantee. You must use a real test certificate for everything you say

see the installation. There is a saying in the building door and window industry: "do it in seven parts and install it in three parts", which shows the importance of installation; The installation is not done well, which directly affects the future use effect of your home. Therefore, you need to confirm whether their installers are professional masters who have been trained and certified

look at the brand. Market brand evaluation is also very important. It is best to shop around and choose wooden door manufacturers and brands with high reputation

novices should know more about the professional knowledge of wooden doors when purchasing indoor doors, so as to buy household decoration products with convenient use and excellent quality. Tree life wooden door has focused on the industry for more than ten years. It is a service-oriented company specializing in the production and sales of wood products. It is mainly committed to the research and development, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales of wood products such as wooden doors and integral woodwork. The main wooden doors and woodwork series are deeply loved by the majority of consumers and have won praise from all walks of life at home and abroad! The production of products fully implements the "ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification" system and the "ISO14001 international environmental protection system certification" system; The products fully comply with the "national standard gb1802/gb18580" and the new "GB18580-2001 environmental protection standard" and the "EU international CE standard". Tree life wooden door manufacturers seek development with science and technology, create benefits with management, constantly improve product quality, achieve the higher goal of first-class enterprise, first-class management and first-class brand, and give back the love of new and old customers




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