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There is such an enviable couple

after four years of college love, they encouraged each other to live frugally during college. They had time to work part-time together. They had a goal to fight together: earn enough money for the down payment of their house after graduation from college. They are working hard towards this goal while learning. They are hard and happy. Many students envy them, but they are knowledgeable and smile, and they do not know the hardship

in the twinkling of an eye, the couple had an interview with a company at the same time. They were still sweet with the past, which was very enviable. They went to live together. Because the rented house was on the roadside, the sleep quality could not be guaranteed, and the noise of cars, voices, square dances and so on in the evening disturbed this life, which made the two people feel bad at work. They quarreled about a little thing after work, which brought great trouble to life; No way, they moved to another place. As a result, they were in a bad mood because of the noise. They broke up a big fight and even broke up

the man proposed to the woman, but the woman said, "I'm happy to get married all day long and I'm not in the mood."

there was really no way. The two bought the house with the help of their parents, The woman said to the man, "I want a quiet home." the man said painfully, "of course, I want to love my daughter-in-law. A quiet home is necessary." the man took out a purchase contract for angel doors and windows and said, "you see, silent doors and windows are beautiful in style, and we will get married when we install them."

the house was decorated, and they lived a quiet life, enough sleep, good spirit The two loved each other more than before, and finally they got married

Angel doors and windows are safe, peaceful, at ease and at home


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