The most powerful Shide machinery shows China's sp

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Lishide machinery shows China's speed in Nepal

lishide machinery shows China's speed in Nepal

information on China's construction machinery

after five days of intense rescue, the 114 km long corridor from Zhangmu port in Tibet, China to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, has finally been opened and officially opened today. " Wang Chun, a Rexroth engineer who has just returned from Nepal, reported the good news to the headquarters of Rexroth through electricity and targeted words at the first time

on May 8, CCTV channel [Live Room] broadcast the anti-seismic scene of lishide excavator Nepal

love is boundless and overcome difficulties. In this strong earthquake, the Nepal section of the China Nepal highway was seriously damaged, and a large number of relief supplies could not enter Sindu parcho zuyk County, the most severely affected area in northern Nepal in time. Hundreds of thousands of victims were trapped, and large-scale mechanical operation became one of the main ways of rescue

Wang Lei, regional manager of Tibet, said to the leaders of the armed police transportation forces: we, Shandong Changlin group, are in Linyi, the old revolutionary base area. Lishde is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Changlin group, which specializes in the production of construction machinery. It has been more than ten years since the R & D and production of excavators. The goal is to be a banner of the national excavator brand. A few days ago, Wang Lei, Wang Chun and wuqingzhan from lishide company, who were preparing machinery at the border port between China and Nepal, were cordially received by the leaders of the traffic force of the armed police. Leaders of the traffic force of the armed police asked about the work performance of lishide excavator of Shandong Changlin group in the earthquake relief work, which caused brittle fracture under low stress. When it was learned that Mr. Zhang Yihua, chairman of Shandong Changlin group, asked Rexroth to fully cooperate with the state and the armed police forces in the earthquake relief work during his participation in the "National May Day Labor Medal" commendation conference in Beijing, the army leaders held Wang Lei's hand and asked Wang Lei to say hello to Chairman Zhang Yihua. The gauge held by the extended gauge to Shandong Changlin group was the original gauge of the sample in its free state. The employees said hello, Thank Shandong Changlin group for sending personnel and engineering machinery and equipment to support earthquake relief at the first time

on site rescue operations

according to Wang Lei, three lishide excavators have been working in Nepal for three days and three nights, and the armed police officers and men have taken turns to ensure the access to life. Mechanical engineers Wangchun and wuqingzhan will continue to stay in Zhangmu town to cooperate with the armed police force in rescue work. By the time of press release, three Shandong men had written about their care and care for the people in the disaster area with their practical actions of continuous struggle with skilled technology

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