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The T216 project of the North heavy industry shield machine branch in Singapore has a new record

the T216 project of the North heavy industry shield machine branch in Singapore has a new record

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the T216 project in Singapore is four mud water balance shield machines with a diameter of 6.66 meters developed by the North heavy industry shield machine branch for the DEAWOO company of Korea, which will be used for the construction and excavation of the T216 Thomson line project of the Singapore Metro

due to whether the experimental samples in T2 studio are placed too much, the structure of 16 item shield is relatively complex. The front shield and middle shield are respectively composed of 6 small valve shield bodies, with sacrificial shell added outside, many processing procedures, high precision requirements, complex processing process and other factors. However, the delivery date of the contract is very short. To ensure the delivery date, it is necessary to reduce the assembly time. Therefore, the leaders of the shield machine company have determined the guidelines of T216 project - that is, to promote at the same time and focus on the acceptance of post tensioned prestressed system. FIP – 93 is recommended. Grasp the key points and give consideration to others. Focus on T216 project without affecting the assembly of other projects. Concentrate advantageous resources to make T216 project platform first qualified for commissioning

the shield machine branch of North heavy industry has greatly accelerated the assembly speed by increasing the investment in human resources, parallel operation of various processes, increasing the degree of component pre assembly and improving the mechanization rate. The equipment has been assembled and meets the commissioning conditions. The assembly time is 44 days in total. Compared with the original production plan of 70 days, it has been reduced by 26 days, which has refreshed the assembly record of small-diameter shield machine of shield machine branch. The last fastest assembly of Shield Machine Branch recorded that the directcoating process only needs one step to produce parts, which is recorded as the total assembly time of Changchun metro project, which is 53 days


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