Kirstie Clements- Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment dress

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Kirstie Clements: Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment dress is museum-worthy - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

The recent terrible events at the US Capitol building and the subsequent ramifications put House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the spotlight when she brought down her gavel last week and announced an historic second impeachment of the incumbent President Trump.

Pelosi looked calm, cool and collected as per usual, in a fabulous black dress, with a high mandarin collar and long sleeves, accessorised with a gold necklace and a smooth blow dry.

As it turns out, Pelosi wore exactly the same dress to Trump’s first impeachmentDomestic travel outsid, so full marks to her for some very masterful trollingre going to end up i.

While it can be sexist and reductive to place too much importance on what a female politician is wearing, as opposed to what she is sayingThe nurse manager a, this was a very wonderful way to send a statement that this was a grave and sombre episode in the Trump presidencyStopping car theft: Data port covers.

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