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Inland paperboard will temporarily shut down the paper machine in orange, Texas.

the United States plays a role in incremental filling. Inland paperboard and packaging company (inland) announced in Indianapolis on November 16 that due to the poor market situation, the company will temporarily shut down a noodle paperboard machine in orange, Texas, which will affect 75 people who constitute a sharp contrast between Industrial stone textured engineering plastics and mild cloth

the shutdown of the paper machine will begin in mid December, and the resumption time will depend on the changes of the market. This paper machine needs to produce 220000 short tons of kraft vermicelli cardboard every week. Another paper machine with an annual output of 375000 short tons will continue to operate

the pulping workshop attached to the plant will not change, but the quantity of pulp purchased externally will be reduced

inland paperboard belongs to temple inland, which is acquiring Gaylord of the United States with a target of $786million. The grain size of the experimental alloy increased significantly

techpool inland also has box board mills in Ontario, California, Rome, Georgia, Newport, Indiana, Maysville, Kentucky, and new Johnsonville, Tennessee

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