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As a safe, clean and economic energy, nuclear energy attracts countries around the world to invest a lot of human and material resources in its development and utilization

recently, unit 2 of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan was exposed to a maximum radiation value of 650 sieverts per hour in the containment. People will die if exposed to this radiation for dozens of seconds. This news once again aroused public concern

although the safety of nuclear power plants has always triggered public opinion, the construction of nuclear power plants has not stopped from increasing political and military exchanges. As a safe, clean and economic energy, nuclear energy attracts countries all over the world to invest a lot of human and material resources in its development and utilization

instrument enterprises will build inland nuclear power stations to meet the opportunity

recently, Wang Yiren, deputy director of the State Administration of Defense Science, technology and industry and deputy director of the National Atomic Energy Agency, said in an exclusive interview that the location of inland nuclear power stations is basically determined, and construction is expected to start during the 13th Five Year Plan period. The safety of nuclear power stations built inland is naturally the most concerned

the safety of nuclear power plants is closely related to nuclear instrumentation technology. The instrument and control system of nuclear power plant is its safe operation. There are some advanced tension machines in the market. In addition to the above items, the safe, reliable and economic operation of nuclear power plant units largely depends on the performance level of the instrument and control system

instruments commonly used in nuclear power plants include temperature, flow, pressure, liquid, etc. At the same time, it also needs mechanical parameter measuring instruments such as vibration measurement and displacement measurement, as well as analytical measuring instruments such as oxygen meter, density measurement sensor and pH value measurement sensor. In addition, in order to protect the safe and stable operation of nuclear power plants, large-scale control systems also play a very important role. With the increasing awareness of nuclear power safety, the development of nuclear instrumentation is particularly important

localization is the key to the development of nuclear power equipment industry

in the face of the rapid development of nuclear power in China, the state is also actively promoting the localization of nuclear power equipment, and has issued many policies to promote the technological development of the nuclear instrumentation industry. Among the experimental machine technicians with national first-rate talent in the national medium and long-term scientific and Technological Development Planning Outline (year) and the national economic development planning outline of the eleventh five year plan, the nuclear instrumentation industry has been listed as a priority in key areas

according to experts, in the construction of a nuclear power plant, the cost of nuclear instruments and other equipment accounts for about 50% of the total cost of the project. Therefore, at present, a large number of nuclear power plant projects under construction have brought huge business opportunities to the instrumentation industry and attracted many domestic manufacturers to participate. Although China's nuclear instruments and meters are developing rapidly, some key raw materials and core technologies still depend on imports, and China's independent innovation ability of nuclear instruments and meters is still at the world's third-class level

Wang Yiren introduced that at present, our nuclear power technology is now the third generation, and the safety performance has been greatly improved. However, from another point of view, the upgrading of nuclear power safety standards to the third generation is a challenge for China's local instrument manufacturers. If domestic technology fails to pass the test, it still needs to rely on foreign advanced technology, and a large amount of industrial profits are taken away by imported manufacturers, which will lead to the rise of construction costs and the reduction of funds available for technology research and development, thus falling into a vicious circle

China's nuclear power construction is entering a new era. The rapid development of nuclear power and the requirements to improve the localization rate of nuclear power equipment have created a good external environment for nuclear instrument enterprises. Therefore, at present, the top priority of Chinese enterprises is to focus on the independent research and development of core basic parts, strengthen the ability of technological innovation, truly form the industrialization of nuclear instrument and equipment manufacturing, improve the core competitiveness, and turn challenges into opportunities to seize a new round of competition in the manufacturing industry. China 5 Mining Corporation is a 65 year old central enterprise competing for the commanding height

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