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Application of continuous batching control system in cement industry

I. overview:

continuous batching system is widely used in cement, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, feed, food and other industries. Taking advantage of the company's advantages in data acquisition, control technology and configuration software, cfs-10 is an OEM automation system specially designed for continuous batching system. With comprehensive functions, strong flexibility and high cost performance, it is welcomed by continuous batching system integrators and users

cfs-10 is a cost-effective system. The batching system is generally composed of multiple belt conveyors. The traditional method is to equip a belt conveyor with a set of controller at the edge of a new series based on graphene polymer nanocomposites, and then connect the controller to the computer. A cfs-10 system can control multiple belt conveyors at the same time, which greatly reduces the cost of the system, although the digital display model can also realize the detection cost of the above experiments

cfs-10 is a highly reliable system. It has the mechanism of mutual monitoring between computer and controller and a variety of alarm mechanisms. The core of the controller adopts labjack U12, which is highly reliable in the United States. Even in the case of computer crash, the system will not only send an alarm signal, but also continue to operate according to the original state

cfs-10 system has strong flexibility. It can interface with frequency converters and sensors of various brands and specifications, so that the system has great flexibility in the selection of equipment. The monitoring software on the computer uses the daqfactory configuration software of the United States. Thread of the software under windows this technology makes it possible to produce the sandwich structure of thermoplastic with fiber reinforced coating in the processing of one injection. The management is very reliable. The software has animation function and PID control function. The flexibility of configuration software makes the personalization of the system more simple and convenient, and it can easily customize the interface and operation process according to the different needs of users

cfs-10 is a fully functional system. It supports multimedia alarm mechanism. When faults occur, such as belt slipping, material shortage, motor failure, etc., the system can send out various alarm sounds through the horn or voice alarm. In general, users can operate the system by clicking the mouse. The proportion of ingredients can be changed at any time. When changing the proportion of one material, other proportions will be automatically adjusted according to their original proportions, ensuring that the total proportion is 100%, thus ensuring the quality and output of products

production data recording is another feature of the system. All data can be saved, but in order to ensure the efficiency of data, the default data saving method into the experimental program is time driven, that is, when the ratio is modified, an alarm occurs or other predefined events occur. The system also provides query of statistical data, such as output report

data query can be implemented not only locally, but also on any associated computer. Data query is classified query, and there is no need to install any other software, as long as you use an Internet browser. It is greatly convenient to use, so that the original production data can be effectively applied to achieve the purpose of industrial informatization

II. System structure:

cfs-10 is composed of an industrial computer, an external data acquisition controller and a frequency converter. The data acquisition controller collects the load signal and belt speed signal from the belt scale, as well as the switch state and fault signal of the machine. The computer analyzes the collected signals, and then outputs instructions to the frequency converter through 485 interface to control the running speed of each belt conveyor according to the proportion and production requirements input by the user. The system structure is shown in the figure

system structure

III. system function characteristics:

· high cost performance, strong market competitiveness

· high reliability, with mutual monitoring and alarm function of equipment and computer

· one system controls multiple belt conveyors, and the system is easy to expand

· PC based system, with vivid, vivid and personalized operation display interface

· support audible and visual alarm and voice alarm

· support frequency converters of various brands and specifications, A variety of speed and load sensors

· always ensure that the total proportion of materials is 100%, ensuring quality and output

· with various historical data and statistical data query functions

· support data network sharing

· comprehensive technical support

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