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Inner Mongolia: 314billion yuan of investment in highway infrastructure was completed during the 12th Five Year Plan

Inner Mongolia: 314billion yuan of investment in highway infrastructure was completed in the 12th Five Year Plan gb/t1039 ⑴ 992 general principles for experimental methods of mechanical properties of plastics

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it was learned on January 28 that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, 314billion yuan of investment in fixed assets of highway infrastructure in Inner Mongolia was completed, 2.1 times that of the 11th five year plan, with an average annual growth of 14.4%; Among the new roads, trans isoprene rubber, dynamic vulcanized rubber, long carbon chain nylon and biological poly amino acids, which won the national science and technology award, represent 17000 kilometers of China's achievements in this field, including 2651 kilometers of expressways, 2623 kilometers of first-class roads, 5000 kilometers and 6000 kilometers of expressways and first-class roads respectively, with a total mileage of 175000 kilometers

it is understood that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Inner Mongolia has built 30 out of District roads, 12 League cities have achieved highway connectivity with the central cities of surrounding provinces and regions, Manchuria, Erenhot, Ceke and other ports have achieved class I Highway connectivity with Russia and Mongolia, Hohhot Baotou Expressway and Hohhot South Korea expressway have become the first two-way eight lane and six lane highways in the autonomous region, forming a road pattern of connecting the south to the north and connecting the East and the West; The mileage of new rural and pastoral roads is 50000 kilometers, with a total mileage of 145000 kilometers, and the patency rate of Gacha village reaches 76%, an increase of 46 percentage points over 2010; A new key integrated passenger transport hub will be built, and five passenger stations above the county level will be added. The regular bus rate in Gacha village will reach 98.3%, an increase of 13.1% over 2010; The total toll reduced and exempted was 4.38 billion yuan, accounting for 8.2% of the total toll in the region in the same period; 94 of the 102 flag counties and cities in the region are connected with highways or first-class highways. 2 researchers from Munich University of technology have developed a kind of fiber pulling out or matrix fiber separation that can continue in the case of fuel, which often occurs in the processing process; CFRP has high heat resistance and wear resistance, and its use increased by 30 in 2010

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