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Inkjet printing: surging

since the 1990s, large format inkjet printing technology has been widely used in image, advertising, display, map printing, printing and other fields because of its advantages in printing color and printing media compatibility. At the same time, continuous ink-jet printing system is also widely used in the printing of short edition, variable content, such as labels, bar codes, cards, and even on-demand newspapers to meet the needs of different readers because of its advantages in variable data printing, high-speed printing and so on. Large format inkjet digital printers have become a new force in pop/pos, outdoor advertising, interior decoration, indoor and outdoor signs, large-scale artworks and other markets for real-time mapping and maintaining the completed experimental load waveform, which can replace the traditional silk printing. It can be said that the surge of ink-jet printing has added a bright color to the digital printing industry

in this issue, the "authoritative viewpoint" specially invited the supplier representatives of inkjet printing system: Mr. Wang Xianggen, general manager of saiangel China, Mr. Matsumoto Keisuke, deputy general manager of business imaging solution Department of professional commercial machine marketing department of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liang Jian, director of image product planning department of TP sales promotion department of Epson (China) Co., Ltd., to jointly discuss the technology and market development of inkjet printing system

question 1: what are the main types of inkjet printing equipment in your company? What are the market positioning of these products

Mr. Wang Xianggen: before answering this question, I want to make a point: as we all know, in November 2005, HP officially announced the full acquisition of Scitex, and the acquisition and integration work was carried out smoothly according to the regional distribution. The Asia Pacific region (including China) of Scitex will be officially incorporated into HP on May 1, 2006, that is to say, from May 1, we will be HP employees. After being incorporated into HP, Symantec is subordinate to HP printing imaging and consumer products group (IPG), and our internal name is IID (Industrial inkjet printing division). Speaking of inkjet printing equipment, I believe that HP, after acquiring saiangel, is the company with the most complete inkjet products at present. Whether it is for home use, office use, commercial use, or industrial production, it has everything, and every product and technology is at the forefront of the industry. Here I will focus on the main inkjet printing equipment of HP Scitex

hp Scitex inkjet printing equipment is very suitable for industrial production of wide width or ultra wide width printing equipment. Specifically, HP Scitex currently has the following four products

1. print waste plastic particles directly on corrugated board and other hard materials. 1. The brush is in short supply. It is very suitable for large-scale short version packaging and wide width flat-panel inkjet printing machine displayed in pop Exhibition - HP Scitex fb6700 (formerly known as CORjet premium). This equipment uses environmental friendly, waterproof and wear-resistant water-based ink, which can be said to be the only one in the world at present

2. HP Scitex fb6300 (formerly veejet+), a super large format UV flat panel digital printer that directly prints on various flexible and hard materials, is very suitable for making various personalized display boards, logos and signs, and the applicable medium is up to 4 cm thick

3. HP Scitex tj8300 (formerly known as turbojet), the fastest and most cost-effective roller type wide width digital printer at present, with a single sheet printing size of 163cm × 366cm, with the fastest printing speed of 400 square meters/hour, it is the best choice for making body advertisements, shelter light boxes, and poster advertisements. This equipment provides the most practical and complementary solution for large silk printing enterprises

4. HP Scitex xl1500 (formerly known as xljet premium) is a high-precision, fast, and ultra wide width inkjet machine that is really suitable for making high-end double-sided printing internal polished pictures, realizing large pictures without splicing, and printing multiple rolls of materials at the same time

Mr. Matsumoto: Canon's large format inkjet printing system mainly has two products, four models: one is w8400, with a format of 44 inches (b0+), the other is w6400, with a format of 24 inches (a1+); The two products are also divided into pigment ink models and dye ink models according to different inks

generally, w8400 pigment ink model is mainly for the digital proofing market, and w8400 dye ink model is for the text printing center and on-demand printing market; W6400 pigment ink model is aimed at the photo market, especially wedding photography; W6400 dye ink models are targeted at pop and poster markets. These markets have basically covered the application fields of large-scale inkjet printing

Mr. Liang Jian: Epson's inkjet printing equipment is a large format inkjet printer. The categories are divided according to the size, mainly including four open, folio and full open series, which are mainly aimed at the printing and imaging fields. In 2002, Epson launched seven color inkjet printers and eight color inkjet printers in 2005, mainly for the image field. In addition, in 2005, Epson also launched a four-color inkjet printer Epson stylus Pro 7400/9400 for the layout proofing market, and the experiment can automatically control the output speed of printing one folio in 41 seconds, which can fully meet the requirements of customers. In addition, as one of the companies with sprinkler technology, Epson also cooperates with many partners in the field of industrial output to provide solutions

question 2: compared with other similar products, what do you think are the main advantages of your inkjet printing equipment and the semi-automatic pendulum impact machine consumed by Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co., Ltd

Mr. Wang Xianggen: people familiar with saiangel know that saiangel has always been a very successful company in printing technology research and development and product market orientation. Whether in the past in prepress, inkjet printing equipment, or today's ultra large format inkjet printing equipment, it has always been at the forefront of the industry. In other words, Symantec can always successfully launch different types of products and technologies that lead the market or are most suitable for the market at different times. For example, in the current situation that the global outdoor advertising market is becoming more and more personalized, diversified and timely, the requirements for quality and innovation are becoming higher and higher, and the requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more stringent, saiangel has launched printing and production equipment and technology that can meet different needs in different fields. Customers can choose different types of equipment according to the market field they serve. If you ask me about the advantages and characteristics of the equipment of saiangel, I think in addition to what I just talked about indirectly, you can also use such a sentence to express, that is, customers with today's saiangel technology and equipment can do better work that others can do, and at the same time, they can do a lot of work that others can't do

Mr. Matsumoto: generally, the resolution and speed of the printer are inversely proportional, that is, the higher the resolution, the slower the speed; The faster the speed, the lower the resolution. So in many cases, you can't have both. This is also a problem that puzzles people in the fast printing industry. If it takes one hour to print a high-quality product, the business of the Express Printing shop will be seriously affected and the productivity will be reduced, so it cannot survive. Canon's products have found a good balance between quality and speed, that is, under the premise of maintaining high speed, the printing quality has been improved to a higher level; Similarly, under the condition of ensuring the printing quality, we have also improved the speed to a higher level. This is our biggest selling point and feature. We are not simply improving one of them, but improving synchronously to reach a balance point, which solves the contradiction between speed and quality

Canon can do this by relying on original technologies, including print head technology, color management technology and so on. We constantly develop new technologies and products according to market demand to replace the old technologies and products

in addition, Canon's products are very user-friendly and operable. This is due to the improvement of the comprehensive performance of Canon products. It is not only the advantage of hardware, but also the ink, paper and various bundled software, which are developed by Canon according to the needs of users. Canon bundled software is provided to users free of charge, with very high added value. And it is very simple and easy to use. Ordinary users can operate it to a professional level, which is suitable for the needs of users in different industries and at different levels. The five kinds of software are for the public and professionals, and there are different choices

Mr. Liang Jian: I think that different products have different characteristics, and the key lies in whether their characteristics can meet the needs of customers. For the printing field, our Epson equipment is more popular and recognized by printing practitioners

first, in addition to developing its own equipment, Epson also has its own ink. From 2003 to 2005, the focus of our publicity was also on ink. When Epson develops equipment, it will make various evaluations, such as studying the quality requirements of the printing or imaging industry in Japan, and whether the ratio between ink and paper can meet the needs of simulation proofing, etc. What we produce can always meet the needs of the printing industry, such as fineness, gray balance and so on

second, we currently use pigment ink. The advantage of pigment ink is that its micro particles are closer to the particles of ink, and its properties are also closer to the properties of ink, so the printing effect is close to offset printing. Constantly promoting new pigment inks is one of our outstanding advantages

third, in the printer, the technology of nozzle is also a very important aspect. Epson micro piezoelectric printing head has the characteristics of long life, constant printing quality and high printing accuracy, which can ensure that users do not need to replace the print head in the process of use. This not only avoids the instability of print quality and the delay of work efficiency caused by the frequent replacement of the ink-jet head, but also greatly saves the high cost of users to replace the print head

fourth, extensive and powerful partners. As a solution, software is also a very important aspect. All kinds of software used in the printing field can match Epson's equipment

question 3: how do you view the progress and changes of inkjet printing technology and market in recent years? What do you think of the current application scope and level of inkjet printing equipment in China

Mr. Wang Xianggen: inkjet printing technology has made rapid progress in recent years. Both the accuracy and speed of printing and the range of media suitable for printing have been greatly improved. The advantages of inkjet printing are very obvious. With the further development of technology, inkjet printing will cover more and more fields, and the market demand will be greater and greater. It is entirely possible to become one of the most important printing methods. At present, the urgent problem to be solved is still in the printing cost. As for the accuracy and speed of printing, even if there is a certain room for improvement from the current technology, there are still some problems in some matching links, and it is only a matter of time to solve these problems

from the perspective of outdoor advertising production (I mainly talk about the current inkjet machine and photo machine in the Chinese market), the current market is too chaotic! The grade of the equipment is too different. There are tens of thousands of yuan of equipment, there are

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