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Crushers and mobile crushing stations are used in the process of construction waste treatment

according to incomplete statistics, the demolition of old buildings in China's urban and rural construction produces 200 million tons of construction waste every year, and 2 billion square meters of new construction area produces construction waste every year 200 million tons of construction waste each year, accounting for 40% of the total urban waste. Construction waste treatment has become an urgent task, and construction waste treatment is gradually becoming a new hot market. In order to better serve the treatment of urban construction waste, liming heavy industry technology, based on years of research and development of crushing and sand production line equipment, took the lead in launching mobile crushing station combination equipment, and based on the integrated unit, realized the construction waste 4 conveniently and quickly There is contact crushing treatment between the toothed bar pressing plate and the toothed bar. The sorted construction waste is removed by specific iron removal equipment, and then crushed by coarse crushing, medium crushing, and even fine crushing equipment, and processed into recycled sand and stone aggregate with a certain particle size, which is finally applied to Subgrade stones, unburned bricks, cement admixtures and other aspects. Urban construction waste treatment can be roughly divided into two types according to local policies and actual environment:

first, centralized treatment

the so-called centralized treatment refers to the concentration of construction waste to specific locations for unified sorting and processing. According to the market situation reported by customers, liming heavy industry technology recommends that there are two kinds of processing equipment that can be selected for centralized treatment of construction waste, either fixed crushing equipment or mobile crushing station combination equipment that is convenient for transfer

the fixed crushing equipment combination should be composed of a complete set of sand and stone production lines, including jaw crusher, impact crusher (or cone crusher), sand making machine, vibrating screen, conveyor, etc. According to the production process of sand and stone, the concrete, waste bricks and stones in construction waste are treated and processed, so as to realize the reuse of existing resources as a whole. Liming heavy industry technology has developed sand and gravel production line equipment for many years, with quality assurance, and can provide the best design scheme according to the actual situation of customers

the mobile crushing station combination equipment is based on the main process of sand and stone processing, through reasonable design, to realize the integrated combination of various crushing and screening equipment. Through the vehicle mounted system or crawler drive system, it can achieve the function of integrated mobile operation. It can flexibly select the construction site, deal with materials in time, greatly reduce the transportation and processing cost of materials, and improve production efficiency. From the perspective of customers, the combination of mobile crushing stations is more in line with customers' wishes. The combined models of dozens of mobile crushing stations developed by liming heavy industry technology can meet the needs of different customers to the greatest extent

II. Decentralized treatment

for the situation that the accumulation of construction waste is not concentrated or is divided into several areas for treatment, in order to reduce the repeated purchase of equipment and save the comprehensive cost of equipment, it is most suitable to use mobile crushing treatment equipment, that is, the new mobile crushing station combination equipment developed by liming heavy industry technology

with the continuous development of mobile crushing station technology, at present, liming heavy industry technology has realized the free combination of various types of mobile crushing station equipment. According to the actual needs of customers, there are various modes of mobile crushing station products such as standard type, closed-circuit type, single machine type and multi-level combination type for selection

the mobile crushing station provides two types of equipment, namely, the tire type mobile crushing station and the crawler type mobile crushing station, which can easily realize the rotation construction in multiple places, which is efficient and convenient. (end)

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