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Inkjet printing technology and market changes

since the 1990s, large format inkjet printing technology has been widely used in image, advertising, display, map printing, printing and other fields because of its advantages in printing color and printing media compatibility. At the same time, continuous ink-jet printing system is also widely used in the printing of short edition, variable content, such as labels, bar codes, cards, and even on-demand newspapers to meet the needs of different readers because of its advantages in variable data printing, high-speed printing and so on. Large format inkjet digital printers have become a new force that can replace traditional silk printing in pop/pos, outdoor advertising, interior decoration, indoor and outdoor signs, large-scale art and other markets. It can be said that the surge of ink-jet printing has added a bright color to the digital printing industry

recently, we specially invited the supplier representatives of inkjet printing system: Mr. Wang Xianggen, general manager of Symantec China, Mr. Matsumoto Qijie, deputy general manager of business imaging solutions Department of professional commercial machine marketing department of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liang Jian, director of image product planning department of TP Sales Promotion Department of Epson (China) Co., Ltd., to jointly discuss the technology and market development of inkjet printing system

question 3: how do you view the progress and changes of inkjet printing technology and market in recent years? What do you think of the current application scope and level of inkjet printing equipment in China

Mr. Wang Xianggen: inkjet printing technology has made rapid progress in recent years. Both the accuracy and speed of printing and the range of media suitable for printing have been greatly improved. The advantages of inkjet printing are very obvious. With the further development of technology, inkjet printing will cover more and more fields, and the market demand will be greater and greater. It is entirely possible to become one of the most important printing methods. At present, the urgent problem to be solved is still during the printing cost exhibition. As for the accuracy and speed of printing, even if there is a certain room for improvement from the current technology, there are still some problems in some matching links, and it is only a matter of time to solve these problems

from the perspective of outdoor advertising production (I mainly talk about the current inkjet machine and photo machine in the Chinese market), the current market is too chaotic! The grade of the equipment is too different. There are equipment with tens of thousands of yuan and equipment with millions of yuan. The consumables (media and ink) used are also diverse, and the quality of the printed picture can be imagined. On the whole, people feel that at present, the expression form of domestic outdoor advertising is too single (mostly sprayed on the light box cloth), lacking creativity, and low-end products are the mainstream. There is no way. Although many regions have begun to rectify the resources and production market of outdoor advertising, it is still difficult to change the current situation in the short term. The Chinese market is too big! But the following points are certain

1. It is inevitable to rectify the order of outdoor advertising, and the requirements for companies engaged in outdoor advertising production will be higher and higher. Finally, we compete for comprehensive strength: resources, capital (human and capital), technology (equipment and production) and innovation

2. The high-end market share of personalization and pursuit of quality will become larger and larger

3. Most of the existing inkjet equipment were purchased a few years ago, and have faced the problems of aging and technological upgrading. A new round of technology and equipment updating requirements will become more and more urgent

Mr. Matsumoto: from the technical point of view of inkjet printing, first, the printing speed is improved and the production capacity is improved. Second, the technical content of the ink itself has changed. The color of the original pigment ink was very dim, but now the technology of pigment ink has improved. From the point of view of the scope of the world's weekly needs, pigment ink has its own characteristics, and the printing effect is also getting closer and closer to dye ink, so people also choose pigment ink equipment more and more

on the inkjet printing market, I have two views. One is that more and more customers will be exported by enterprises in China, because there is a large demand in China's poster market at present. As a user in China, if you need to make a poster, you usually go to a professional express shop for output. The situation in the United States, Europe and Japan is just the opposite to ours. They usually do it by themselves, that is, they export it internally. Analyze the reasons. Why should Chinese users take it out? The first is that I don't have the concept of printing in my company. The second is that I don't know how to operate machines and software. The third is that I don't know that I can afford equipment

another view is that there will be a trend of segmentation and specialization in fast printing enterprises. Although direct users in China are now entrusting express printing shops to do inkjet printing, this will not be the case in five years. The operators of fast printing enterprises should also be aware of and think about such challenges. They must make themselves more professional service providers. If there is no difference between the products they produce and those made by their customers, they must have no business. They must be more professional, such as excellent design, post press processing, and various additional services. If they don't do this, it will be difficult for them to survive. In addition, fast printing enterprises will focus on one field and do the most professional things. Now large and comprehensive fast printing enterprises will move towards segmentation

this development trend is also a big impact on the printing industry. These trends are not empty talk. This is how the United States, Europe and Japan have developed. China will also have such changes in the near future

Mr. Liang Jian: the general trend of inkjet printing is to pursue quality and efficiency. In the past, the resolution of 150dpi and 300dpi may be required for inkjet output, and the resolution of photo output is 720dpi. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of customer requirements, the inkjet resolution has been widely considered invalid by all-purpose experimental machines, reaching 600dpi and 720dpi, and the photo resolution is as high as 2880dpi. This is caused by the continuous improvement of customers' pursuit of quality. There is also speed. The speed used to be relatively slow, but now it is getting faster and faster. The improvement of speed can also bring cost reduction to customers. Epson put forward the "art micro spray" process in 2005, which is also based on the combination of quality and speed

I think that a printing factory does well not because of good equipment, but because the whole process of the printing factory is well done and standardized. Digital proofing by inkjet printing has formed standardization in the middle of printing, which makes the front end and back end tend to be unified, and has a positive and far-reaching impact on printing. Epson's large format printer products range from "century rainbow" series to "century rainbow K3" series, and provide customers with four to full open series models. Ink standardization is the premise of customer production standardization

as for the changes in the application of inkjet printing, I think the future trend is personalized market. The printing quality of the two printing enterprises may be ② there is little difference after pressing the "start" button, but if one can provide more personalized services, the customer will choose the enterprise that can give him more choices. In addition, exploring new high-end markets is also the choice of some enterprises

digital printing is a service market. Practitioners should have a service perspective and think about how to provide better services for customers. So we require our customers to use stable paper and consumables in production. At present, there are many non-standard phenomena in China's inkjet printing market, and many users use inferior substitute inks, which has caused more problems. Only by stabilizing the four factors of proofing paper and ink, printing paper and ink, can we realize the real proofing standard

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