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Application of "CorelDRAW" software in carton design

at present, carton packaging is becoming increasingly high-grade, and carton processing equipment is also becoming increasingly advanced, which promotes computer-aided carton design to be widely used in packaging enterprises. However, many small and medium-sized enterprises feel a little difficult when using computers to design cartons. A big reason is that they fail to choose a good design application software. Today, China Packaging Technology Association gives me an opportunity to introduce CorelDRAW, a software that is very suitable for carton packaging design. It has very powerful functions and is fully competent for all kinds of complex carton design. This software has greater advantages in carton design than other graphic and image design software

in carton design, enterprises used to use Apple computers more. Now, due to the great improvement of the performance of personal computers, PC has been widely and most of them have used PC for carton design, because the design system investment of PC is much lower than that of apple, the design software of PC has become more and more abundant, and its operating system (Windows) and various application software are easier to learn and use. Recently, in Hangzhou, Photoshop, illustrator, PageMaker and CorelDRAW are widely used in carton design. Each software has its own advantages, but "CorelDRAW" is a software more suitable for carton packaging design

first, "CorelDRAW" software introduction

known as the master of graphics, "CorelDRAW" is a vector drawing program developed by Canadian Corel company. At present, it has been widely used in advertising design, page production, graphic design and other fields. Its function is very powerful, the interface is also very friendly, and it is very easy to learn and use. At present, the latest software version is coreldraw10, especially starting from coreldraw9 (Chinese version). Several very practical programs are integrated and bundled in the software: such as photo-paint program based on bitmap processing, bar card Wizard program and Corel trace program for drawing dot matrix, which makes the pre press design and cartons drawing of cartons very easy to complete

II Requirements for applying "coreldraw9" carton design system

(1) hardware requirements

● PC: pentium200, 64MB RAM (recommended cpu500128mb)

● laser printer (recommended printing resolution 600dpi, A4 format)

● scanner (recommended scanning resolution 600dpi, A4 extended format)

● color inkjet printer (recommended printing resolution 1200dip, A3 format)

● recorder (optional)

● Mo magneto-optical disk drive (optional)

(2) software requirements

● Windows98, Windows2000, windows nt or windows me

● coreldraw8, coreldraw9 or coreldraw10

● Chinese and English font library software

III. installation of coreldraw9

coreldraw9 has three discs, the first is the installation disc (including the attached fonts), and the second and third are vector and bitmap material CD

the whole installation process of coreldraw9 is in English, and the program operation interface after installation is in Chinese. It is recommended to use fixed installation (all components can be installed for unfamiliar users) to ensure that the functions described below are easy to use

IV. the practical functions commonly used by "coreldraw9" in carton packaging design

1. The text typesetting and modeling function is powerful. It is thought that the text can be input in the two ways of "artistic text" and "paragraph text". The font size, length, width, spacing, rotation, mobile positioning, shadow stereo, envelope effect, alignment and distribution and arrangement along a specific path can be set arbitrarily, And most of them can be completed interactively by dragging the mouse or changing the attribute value accurately

2. Easily make or import all kinds of packaging marks and logo patterns

carton printing marks often have all kinds of packaging, storage and transportation marks and dangerous goods packaging marks, which can be easily drawn according to the requirements of gb/t191 and gb/t190 (Figure 7 is omitted). Drawing all kinds of complex trademarks, logos and marks is the strongest of CorelDRAW. At the same time, they can also be easily imported from various graphic material libraries or other image processing software such as Photoshop and illustrator

3. It is easy to scan images, and bitmap processing can be used from primary users to advanced users.

it can scan images directly in its software, and can carry out some primary bitmap processing, such as zoom in and out, moving and rotating, placing in containers, color conversion, displaying and hiding a certain color. The aluminum alloy cable industry and market will also enter a booming stage. If you want to carry out advanced bitmap processing, As long as its integrated and bundled photo-paint program is started, the general functions of image processing can be realized

4. There are many advantages to realize the conversion of bitmaps into dot matrix images.

after some bitmaps scanned by the scanner in the file, its integrated and bundled Corel trace program can be started to convert from bitmaps to vector images. The advantages after conversion are:

(1) unlimited zoom in and out processing without image deformation

(2) files are greatly smaller. A file can generally be loaded on a 1.44 inch floppy disk for easy transfer

(3) it is convenient to output and make photosensitive resin plates or engrave rubber plates with laser

5. The making of boxes is simple and practical.

the side marks printed on cartons often have boxes, in which the specifications, gross weight, net weight and volume are often filled. When making, just click the box tool button in the toolbox, enter the row and column values in the attribute bar, drag with the mouse, and it is easy to change the size, position and thickness of the box

⒍ it can make bar codes correctly, and it is very easy to master the bar card Wizard program in the

software, so you don't need to study bar codes specially. Under the guidance of the wizard, you can complete it step by step. The barcode wizard supports 18 industrial standards or formats, which fully meets the needs of carton packaging design

⒎ automatic or manual marking function brings great convenience to carton drawing.

it can automatically mark the size between any two points, and also automatically mark the angle. It can also manually draw a straight line and an arrow to mark the size. This function is beyond the reach of other software, and brings great convenience to carton drawing

8 the printing function is very powerful, and it is very practical in carton packaging design.

when printing, the graphics and text can be scaled and moved arbitrarily without affecting the original design documents. For large format design drafts, the splicing page function can be used to output according to the actual ratio of 1:1, and then after manual splicing, it can be used to make rubber printing plates, or several pages of graphics and text can be combined into one page for printing output, It can also be output in color synthesis or CMYK four-color color separations, as well as practical functions such as inverse or mirror output

the above are just some functions commonly used by CorelDRAW in carton packaging design. In fact, its embedded functions are far more than liquid additive manufacturing, using syringes to deposit materials at room temperature. As long as you give full play to your imagination, your intention can be achieved

v. apply "coreldraw9" to carton design steps

1. First complete the color manuscript or black-and-white manuscript design according to the ratio of 1:1

2. Print the output according to the actual size, which can be used for manual engraving of rubber plates; Or convert the design documents into documents in other formats (such as Montaigne engraving software), connect the computer with the laser engraving machine, and then machine engraving rubber plates can be carried out; You can also make photosensitive resin plates by yourself or by the plate making center

3. Make carton unfolding drawings and three-dimensional drawings, and mark the processing dimensions. At this time, in order to protect instruments and equipment, reduce the previously designed drawings to a certain proportion and place them in the drawings. (chenxiliang, Hangzhou yueyahu paper packaging General Factory)

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