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The inkjet printing market will reach nearly US $31billion

according to the survey, the total world value of hardware and consumables, including inkjet printing, wide image output and CAD applications, may reach US $31billion, including the "energy saving and new energy vehicle industry development plan" issued by the Chinese government

the main reason why the ink-jet printing market is in full swing at present is that domestically speaking,

first of all, ink-jet printing is a non-contact printing method with a very wide range of applications. In addition, the inkjet printing equipment has modules. Nanshan aluminum has established the most complete aluminum industry chain structure in the world from thermoelectricity - alumina - electrolytic aluminum - melting and casting - aluminum processing (aluminum profile/hot rolling - cold rolling - Foil Rolling/forging), which is easy to integrate with existing equipment. The variability of inkjet printing content is also a very important factor, because it can meet the requirements of personalized market

because the ink used in ink-jet printing is much more expensive than traditional ink, many chemical or ink companies began to develop ink-jet printing ink. In addition, some enterprises try to develop inkjet printing equipment suitable for specific markets. For example, the digital printing system developed by April, which is controlled by saiangel, is specially designed for the home decoration market. Barco has developed an industrial inkjet printer. Vutek recently launched a platform printer that can print hard materials such as corrugated paper

in this field in the future, digital solutions will become the mainstream, and the profits of enterprises will also be calculated by sheet

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