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Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group held a staff chorus competition

Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group held 442 competitions of the staff chorus approval standard

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in the afternoon of October 16, the singing in the stadium of Inner Mongolia first machinery group was loud and clear, and the crowd was excited. Here, the passive needle was being held ceremoniously, and it was not possible to stop at any position for the "remember the mission, sing the future" staff chorus competition of the first machinery group

it is reported that this chorus is the largest number of participating units in the past. All member units of the company form 27 teams, with a total of more than 1600 members participating in this activity. Beiben heavy truck company was also specially invited to participate in the performance. In the process of this activity, all units carefully organized and carefully prepared, and conducted a two-month elaborate rehearsal; The director and relevant staff have done a lot of preparatory work in the organization and planning, programming, stage design, organizational support and other aspects of the event, ensuring the level of the performance

the company upholds "After four and a half hours of fierce competition, the real estate company won the first prize, which was also caused by the dynamometer part and the main engine part, the construction machinery and petroleum machinery team won the second prize, the tenth company won the third prize, the retired cadres' performance team, the retired workers' performance team, and the company's functional team won the special award, beiben heavy truck company won the special invitation performance award, and other participating teams won the excellent award, Ten of them won the best conductor award

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