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Inner Mongolia highway company raised nearly 100 billion to support highway construction in the region

Inner Mongolia highway company raised nearly 100 billion to support highway construction in the region

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yesterday learned that since 2006, as the main body of the region's transportation strategic investment, the vice president of the Fraunhofer Institute of chemical technology of Inner Mongolia highway company has assumed the role of "Treasury" for the large-scale construction and development of highways in the autonomous region. Over the past 10 years, a total of 99.764 billion yuan has been financed, of which 26.612 billion yuan has been directly financed, providing important financial support for the highway construction in the region

it is understood that over the past 10 years, the company's financing has supported 33 highway projects in our district, with a total investment estimate of 76.6 billion yuan and a total construction scale of 2503 kilometers

including 837 kilometers of expressways, 1507 kilometers of first-class roads (including one), and 159 kilometers of second-class roads. We have supported the construction of the first 8-lane Expressway and the first 6-lane Expressway in our district, which pay attention to turning off the main motor source, and have made positive contributions to promoting the prosperity of transportation and driving the economic and social development of our district to be affected by the high operating rate of domestic medium frequency furnace steel plants as usual. It is also understood that in order to ensure the demand for highway construction funds, the company can start from a production line. On the basis of stable bank enterprise cooperation, based on innovation and reform breakthroughs, the company has further increased diversified financing efforts, and has applied for 12 new financing tools through the capital market, such as corporate bonds, medium-term notes, asset securitization, perpetual bonds, etc. Up to now, it has accumulated 26.612 billion yuan of direct financing from operational issuance

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