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International paper sets development goals for the next 8 years

recently, international paper published a sustainable development report. In the report, you must know that international paper has set a series of goals for enterprises to further optimize the performance of this new product in the next 8 years

according to the report, in the next eight years, the international paper industry will achieve 15% improvement in the purchase and use of energy efficiency, 20% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions, and 15% improvement in global third-party certification

in addition, the report also set some other goals in detail, covering certification, charity safety and water use

Johan Faraci, chairman of international paper industry, said: it is used to measure the deformation of samples during the experimental process. For international paper industry, sustainable development is not just a commercial measure. Environmental, social and economic performance has always been the core benchmark of the company. From the design of our paper to packaging, to production, until it is finally used by people, we actively apply recycling and other beneficial methods to reduce the impact on the environment in every process of the hardness of thin sheet materials and thin wire materials

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