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International Paper closed its plant in East Scotland

the IP plant, one of the largest manufacturers in the northeast of sug, closed in late October 2008 and will lose nearly 400 jobs

the IP factory in Inverurie is one of the largest manufacturers in the city, and it is also one of the only two factories that IP retains in Scotland

however, the company revealed in late October 2008 that the plant would not be financially sustainable because it would not be profitable in the future

the head of the factory said: although it has a lot of investment and very skilled and loyal employees, the factory is still unprofitable and cannot be maintained financially. Our task now is to consider all possible situations in the future of the factory, focusing on (3) lightweight materials - making household appliances more frivolous to customer needs. We are committed to meaningful negotiation with the corresponding employee representatives and do our best. 2 The test results can be output in Excel format to ensure the best results satisfactory to all parties

the spokesman of the company confirmed that although several companies in the aviation industry have begun to adopt 3D printing as prototype technology to design various components, the factory that has been producing paper is only one of the options considered since the complete closure of these two centuries. He said: the paper mill produces copy paper for printers and copiers, which has long been in surplus in the European market. Although it has invested about 50million pounds in recent years, the factory has not been profitable for some time. In addition, the increase in energy costs and the cost of importing wood pulp from Brazil to Inverurie further worsened the oversupply market

in 1996, Inverurie factory with an annual output of 250000 tons of uncoated paper was taken over by IP company

in 2005, the Davidson factory of BPb paperboard located on mugiemoss road in bucksburg was closed, reducing nearly 300 jobs

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