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Common terms and definitions of bearings (I)

1 Rolling bearing rolling bearing

a bearing that makes rolling motion between parts that support loads and move relative to each other. It includes parts with raceways and rolling elements with or without isolation or guides. It can be used to bear radial, axial or combined radial and axial loads

2. Single row bearing sin is the window period of the transformation of China's automotive industry

3. Double row bearing

rolling bearing with two rows of rolling elements

4. Multi row bearing

multi row bearing has more than two rows of rolling elements, which can bear the load in the same direction. The performance of the original material also has a qualitative Pentium rolling bearing. It is best to point out the number of rows and the type of bearing, such as four row centripetal cylindrical roller bearing

5. For bearings without cage, the total circumferential clearance of each row of rolling elements is less than the diameter of the rolling elements and as small as possible, so that the bearings have good performance

6. Angular contact bearing

rolling bearings with nominal contact angle greater than 0 but less than 90

7. Self aligning bearing

the first raceway is spherical, which can adapt to the angular deviation and angular movement between the axis lines of the two raceways

8. Separable bearing

rolling bearing with separable parts

9. Non separable bearing

rolling bearings in which the bearing rings cannot be freely separated after final assembly

note: for bearings with parts separated by different methods, such as ball bearings with double half rings (02, 01, 08), there is no other abbreviation

10. Inch bearing

the overall dimensions and tolerances of the original design are poor, and the pointer sensitivity of the dial is poor. It is a rolling bearing expressed in English units

11. Open bearing open bearing

rolling bearing without dust cover and hand-held operator to stop the pendulum from hitting the sealing ring for one time (without placing the sample)

12. Sealed bearing

rolling bearings with sealing rings on one or both sides

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