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Metal tensile machine: Common test standards for metal materials

the measuring range of metal tensile machine the range between the minimum size and the maximum size of materials or components that can be measured by the measuring system is used for all kinds of hardware, metal, rubber and plastic, footwear, leather, clothing, textiles, insulators, wires and cables, terminals and other materials to test their tensile, tearing, peeling, compression, bending, shear resistance Three point bending resistance and other physical properties. Next, Haida summarizes the standards that the testing machine needs to use in the metal industry:

1, gb228087 (metal stretching old)

2, GB (metal stretching new)

3, GB (metal compression)

4, gb/t (metal bending)

5, gb/t (metal bending)

6, GB (metal relaxation))

7, gb/t (metal high temperature stretching)

8, GB (metal sheet r value)

9pa material is a special problem, GB (metal sheet n value)

10 GB (vertical and horizontal shear)

11, GB (determination method of Young's modulus of metal)

12, GB (determination of transverse fracture strength of cemented carbide)

13, HB (metal tension) HB (metal high temperature tension)

14, HB (metal foil tension)

15, HB (metal wire tension)

16, HB (metal pipe tension)

17, ASTM E (American Standard metal tension)

18, STM EA (American Standard metal tension)bending)

19, JIS Z (Japanese standard metal stretching)

20 JIS Z (Japanese standard metal bending)

21, BS (British standard metal stretching)

22, BS 1639:1964 (British standard metal bending)

23, DIN (German standard metal stretching)

24, DIN (German standard metal bending)

25, I said so (E) (international standard metal stretching)

26, ISO (E) (international standard metal bending)

the above is a summary of common test standards for metal materials, If you need more information, please call us and we will serve you wholeheartedly

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