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Common troubleshooting of copying machine with rubber pad rolling shutter structure

copying machine is a kind of equipment that reproduces the image on the positive or negative negative film through exposure after it is in close contact with the photosensitive material film by using the method of vacuum adsorption

the photosensitive film obtained by the plate making camera or the electronic color separation machine becomes a negative film with the original image after manual development and development processing by the developer; In addition, there are two forms of sulfuric acid paper and film produced by computer systems such as founder and apple, one is continuous tone Yin and Yang, and the other is half tone Yang and Yin with dots. According to the different requirements of printing and plate making process, it is often necessary to use a copying machine to complete. For example, the continuously adjusted positive image (negative image) is reverse copied into a negative image (positive image), and the continuously adjusted negative image can be contacted and copied into a eye positive image, and 1:1 color separations and offset multiple image splicing copies can be made. Generally speaking, the purpose of copying is to realize the reversal of the negative and positive images on the one hand, and to make appropriate corrections to the shape and size of the tone level or points of the original negative film. With the help of the brightness and exposure time of the copying machine, the halftone points and continuous tones on the negative and positive film are processed by the process of swelling and shallowing, so that the fine level can meet the ideal requirements of printing and plate making, At the same time, it can also turn multiple small patterns into large format negatives

the quality of a copy machine depends on two factors: the first is whether the vacuum system of the copy machine can make the negative film and the photosensitive material film close together without any gap; Second, whether the illumination of the middle and surrounding edges of the whole layout is uniform during exposure

the copying machine with rubber pad roller shutter rolling structure used by our factory is produced by Shanghai printing equipment manufacturing factory. The model is kb1000 split copying machine. This copying machine adopts rubber pad roller shutter rolling structure, so there is no need to open the frame, which brings convenience to operation. The copy original and the required exposure film are compacted with a rubber roller rolling device, and then vacuum suction sealing is carried out to achieve close contact, so the film will not be misplaced, Ensure the quality of copy graphics and text. In the actual work of the machine, it often happens that the relevant electrical appliances, transmission system, contact limit and other parts of the rubber pad roller shutter structure device are easy to fail

the automatic operation steps of the copying machine with rubber mat rolling structure are as follows: put the positive and negative image films that need to be copied on the glass plate of the copying machine, press one (9) and click the load reset button on the main page of the computer experiment. At this time, the blanket covering motor drives the relay to engage, and the blanket covering transmission motor (synchronous low-speed motor specification and model 110 TDY) starts to work to transmit power, Drive all the rubber pad roll type structural device and film rolling device. After the blanket is covered and spread, the contact eye position on the copying machine moves with the blanket pad roll shutter structural device. At this time, the contact limit will hit the contact of the blanket limit switch. The electric circuit is connected to the vacuum extraction pump, and the air extraction starts counting. After the negative film and film are closely closed, the exposure time relay works and counts to zero according to the set number subtraction method, When the exposure time is over, start the rubber blanket button, the vacuum pump stops working, the rubber returns to its original place, and the copy ends

during the copying process of this copying machine, the working procedures of blanket covering and blanket receiving are carried out frequently. The blanket covering and blanket receiving are driven by a low-speed synchronous drive motor. By means of chain mechanical transmission of power, a contact limit device is fixed on the chain to control the distance between the travel area of blanket covering and blanket receiving. The limit switches of blanket covering and blanket receiving are installed at both ends of the copying machine, The copying machine has been used for several years, and the most vulnerable part to failure is in the working procedure area of covering and collecting rubber blanket. The copying machine has been used for a long time, and there are always bad times. The copying machine adopts a low-speed synchronous drive motor. However, the transmission power is the way of chain transmission, and the chain transmission is the medium and long-distance transmission, which can only transmit about 85% of the energy, which is consumed in the process of transmitting energy, (in power transmission, the transmission of gears and worm gears currently consumes the lowest power energy) the chain is easy to lengthen and deform after long use. Due to the disadvantages of chain transmission, the contact limit device on the chain for installing CT 2130 ⑵ 012 mobile electronic product video cover glass cannot hit the contact of the limit switch for covering and receiving rubber blanket. For example, when covering rubber blanket roller shutter, the chain transmission is faulty, It will make the limit device on the chain unable to hit the limit switch contact of the rubber blanket, at this time, the copying machine will not automatically vacuum and inhale, and the following working procedures will stop

in our work, we should often adjust the tightness of the chain and try to tighten it as much as possible. In addition, whether the high and low positions of the contact of the limit switch covering and retracting the blanket roller shutter at both ends (the same shape as the contact of the travel switch) are appropriate. Due to the long-term use of the copying machine, the contact limit is frequently impacted, which will collapse the contact of the limit switch covering and retracting the blanket roller shutter. If the contact position of the limit switch at both ends is low, If you can't touch the limit, the copier can't work normally at that time. There are often failures such as non-stop, non suction and vacuum pumping, and equipment damage. In our work, we often observe the contact of the limit switch that covers and retracts the blanket roller shutter, move it up a little, raise the contact position, and there is a telescopic spring that moves up and down under the contact of the limit switch, which can be adjusted. At the same time, it is also necessary to often check whether the parts fixing the contact limit on the chain are deformed by collision, and whether the two screws fastening the contact limit are loose. If they are loose, they must be tightened. Add butter to the chain regularly to keep the chain lubricated

in a word, the most prone parts of the film copying machine with rubber pad roller shutter rolling structure are: ① whether the limit switch contacts of the covering and retracting rubber pad roller shutter have been knocked down; ② Whether the contact limit on the chain is fastened and deformed by impact; ③ Is the chain not tight? There is something wrong with the power transmission. When encountering this kind of fault in the work, we should analyze comprehensively, find out the cause of the mechanical fault, and apply the right medicine to the case before we can solve it

like other equipment, the copying machine must be properly maintained in daily work in order to be in good working condition for a long time. Check the oil and gas system frequently, check the vacuum pump once a month, add vacuum oil regularly, and the oil level is always aligned with the oil level line; Replace the new oil once a year, and always pull off the suction rubber pipe. Remove the dust with iron wire to keep the suction rubber pipe free of dust and debris. The surface of the glass table must be kept absolutely clean, free of dust, hair, ink and dirt. When wiping, clean it with a soft brush first, and then wipe it with medical absorbent cotton, gauze and anhydrous alcohol. The point light source and reflective glass in the machine should also be kept spotless

regularly replace the exposure light source (tungsten halogen lamp 24V, 150W) the light source has been used for a long time, the luminous intensity and brightness are poor, and it is not easy to control the exposure time

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