Emergency method for paper misorientation of the h

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Emergency method for paper misorientation of J2108 machine

a J2108 machine made by beiren people in our factory has been used for many years, and the paper misorientation often occurs in the printing process. After inspection, it was found that one of the paper delivery and suction nozzle stopper rods was slow to respond under the action of the air pump, and the suction paper often did not drop, resulting in inclined tension and unable to feed paper normally. Take the braking process of the automobile as an example: when we step on the pedal. Check the paper delivery suction nozzle. There is no grease or dust. However, due to frequent use, the cylinder and suction nozzle piston are deformed due to friction, thus preventing the normal decline of the paper delivery suction nozzle. As it is difficult to deal with, the conventional solution is to replace it with a new one, but this is not only a waste of time, but also uneconomical. The factory's solution is to put a thin circular pad between the paper delivery suction nozzle and the cylinder (PS version is also acceptable), so that the suction nozzle piston and the cylinder are staggered by a small position. After such treatment, the paper delivery suction nozzle will return to normal operation. This solution also includes the use and development trend of the spring tension and compression testing machine with small and medium load in Jinan Shijin. It is simple, practical and effective in a large automobile. It is also applicable to other similar models

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