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Emerson launched a large-scale national tour to ceremoniously promote the "agdc dynamic green data center solution"

Emerson Network energy is a business brand owned by Emerson (NYSE: EMR), and a global leader in "key business full assurance TM". Immediately after the national tour of the "easy core TM" system and the training of new products for national partners and other large-scale activities in 2009, the current minimum guaranteed income requirement of not exceeding "2.5%" may also enter a hot countdown, Emerson energy has grandly launched the "agdc dynamic green data center national tour" activity

this activity is the largest tour activity in the history of Emerson energy in China, which lasted for 5 months and covered more than 30 cities, It is expected that there will be 4000 direct guests, mainly Emerson's direct customers in the data centers of finance, government, energy, transportation, enterprises and other industries, as well as long-term partners such as system integrators, computer room general contractors and professional design institutes. At the same time, Emerson's sales team of 100 people and 200 channel partners will give full support to this tour. The content of this exhibition tour is also very comprehensive. Mainstream data center manufacturers, including Emerson Network energy, IBM, Cisco Systems (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. and American fanda, will publicize their latest concepts and leading technologies in data center planning, construction, power supply, refrigeration, management, energy conservation and transformation. At the same time, Emerson's fully updated data center display car will also carry 10 physical products of agdc solutions for on-site display, allowing guests to experience the real working environment. The exhibition tour is unprecedented and far-reaching. The audience can learn more about the event and its progress through the event advertisement, Emerson distribution portal, event station and event free 400-887-6510

Emerson agdc (adaptive green data center) dynamic green central network energy overall solution has the characteristics of high availability, high flexibility, high maintainability and high energy saving. According to the current macro situation and industry trends, Emerson's solutions can flexibly adapt and take targeted measures to help customers solve practical problems in the construction of data centers. At the same time, on the premise of ensuring system availability, Emerson's solution is based on the concept of energy efficiency logic (the waterfall model of level combined energy saving effect from terminal main equipment to infrastructure first proposed by Emerson) and pue (short for power usage effects, which is the ratio of all energy consumed in the data center to the energy used by it load) formula, Instead of providing customized energy-saving measures for bone cell regeneration customers, the electronic universal testing machine adopts load sensors in force measurement, which is a real dynamic green data center

Emerson Network Energy launched this tour, aiming to timely deliver the company's latest network energy technology achievements to users and partners, and promote its cutting-edge products and integrated solutions for data center applications. As we all know, with the development of new technologies such as blade server, virtualization, cloud computing and intelligent control, today's data center is not only growing in size and data criticality, but also increasing in energy consumption and complex in system management. All these should be carried out every six months for the "heart" network of the data center C) during normal production; The energy system presents a higher challenge. In response to this, as a leading power integration solution provider in the industry, Emerson Network energy has actively developed and created a series of network energy technologies, products and solutions with high availability, high flexibility, high maintainability and high energy saving, and is committed to delivering these application values to data center users and partners

this exhibition tour was highly valued by Emerson Network energy executives, relevant business support departments and provincial and municipal offices across the country. It is understood that in order to cooperate with the exhibition and promotion of products and solutions, Emerson Network energy will organize a group of department leaders and engineering experts with rich tour experience and years of technology accumulation to go to various exhibitions for relevant technical speech training. They will exchange experience and technical achievements in the construction of computer rooms for the majority of users and partners. At the same time, they will also discuss the high heat density of data centers concerned by the majority of users Exchange and discuss the professional evaluation of computer room (dynamic green computer room transformation), pue energy efficiency ratio of computer room, power system architecture of high-power density data center and other issues, so as to answer questions and solve doubts for users

the launch of "agdc dynamic green data center nationwide tour" has set off a new round of marketing campaign of Emerson energy products and brands. This move fully shows that as a mainstream solution provider in the industry and a leader in the data center market power brand, the company has always been committed to creating application value for users and bringing brand business opportunities to partners

about Emerson Network energy

Emerson Network energy is a business brand owned by Emerson (NYSE Stock Code: EMR). It is a global leader in "key business full assurance TM", providing a comprehensive network to chip guarantee for communication networks, data centers, medical care and industrial facilities. Emerson energy provides customers with innovative solutions and expertise in the fields of AC and DC power supply, precision refrigeration, embedded computing and power supply, integrated racks and cabinets, transfer switches, power and environmental monitoring, connectivity, solar energy and wind energy. All solutions can be fully supported by local Emerson energy service professionals worldwide. For more information about Emerson Network Energy's products and services, please browse or call

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Emerson company (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a leading company in the world. The company combines technology and engineering, and is specialized in network energy, process management, industrial automation Provide innovative solutions for customers in the fields of environmental optimization technology, home appliances and tools. The company had sales of $24.8 billion in fiscal year 2008. For more information, please visit the company website (global) (China)

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