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Shiyan 50KW diesel generator emergency rescue equipment

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Shiyan 50KW diesel generator emergency rescue equipment adopts complete electronic fuel injection control technology, with high performance goals and high reliability. It has the advantages of small size, low fuel consumption, good starting function, high precision, long service life, stable cigarette lighting, reliable operation, low emission, low noise and convenient protection. Danianze diesel small power generator set adopts four stroke direct injection diesel engine, with small size and high power. Generator selection Using STC series or brushless series third harmonic self excitation constant voltage, 1) automatic calibration: the system can automatically achieve the calibration of indication accuracy; The starter has strong mechanical and electrical skills, all units have beautiful appearance, reliable function, low fuel consumption, easy to carry with wheels, low noise, good cold start characteristics, strong loading ability, small size, low fuel consumption, long service life, and low durable utilization cost. It is suitable for users who require low price and good quality

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danizawa power to52000et detailed parameters

1 Technical standard

additional input kW 50 53

maximum power kw 53 55

additional frequency Hz 50 60

additional voltage V 380/220

additional speed rpm 1500 1800

number of phases: single-phase three-phase

power factor: 0.9/1.0

dispatching method: AVR (active voltage dispatcher)

noise level lp7m:db

frequency adjustment: (%): ≤ 0.5(steady state)

voltage fluctuation: (%) : ≤ 0.5

engine technical parameters:

power model: yototi5200

brand: danieze power

cylinder diameter: 4*122*134mm

cylinder arrangement style: in-line arrangement

number of cylinders: 4 cylinders

cooling style: closed water circulation cooling

oil supply style: direct injection

speed regulation style: electronic speed regulation


air intake system: naturally aspirated

engine oil model: 15w/40cd

fuel Model: 0light diesel

diesel oil tank: 200l

unit fuel consumption: 206g/kw • h

smooth oil tank: 17l

motor technical parameters:

motor model: to52000et

additional power: 50kw

additional current a 227.2/132

wiring style: three-phase four wire Y-connection method

protection grade: ip22

insulation grade: H grade

other construction:

unit boundary dimension (L B H): 2200*950*1300

unit weight (kg): 850

low oil pressure alarm system can actively close the engine

electric starting ensures that the unit can be started quickly

a new type of voltage active scheduler ensures safe and stable voltage input

2. Performance standard:

international standard certification iso9001:2000

industry performance standard gb/t2820

3. Construction

a) standard construction

firmer operation

industrial water-cooled diesel engine

single bearing drip proof generator, IP22 protection, insulation grade h

50 ℃ ambient temperature radiator, double-layer heat dissipation

electric start

standard air filter

outlet switch

steel base with shock pad



4 Warranty period:

(International) 12 months after the unit passes the commissioning acceptance or 1000 hours of cumulative operation; Whichever comes first

because of the regional differences in the production and quality results and even the types of distribution, it is more obvious to implement the charged maintenance or replacement, and work for a lifetime! (vulnerable parts, frequently used parts, compensation damage, neglect of maintenance, etc. are not within the scope of warranty)

if they are adjusted by the original manufacturer, they shall be performed in accordance with the original manufacturer's warranty regulations

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