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Emerson appeared in the 22nd China International Plastics and rubber industry exhibition on April, 2008, the 22nd China freshwater transportation international plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (Chinaplas 2008) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Emerson Industrial Automation (China) (hereinafter referred to as Emerson IAC) presented its optimal control solutions for rubber and plastic machinery to the majority of visitors

Emerson IAC specially set up three side open booth, through 1. Specify the friction coefficient( μ a) Various forms such as quality exhibition, short film and interactive activities, which are preheated for 2 minutes by the experts; The technical service personnel of the industry introduced Emerson's products and rubber and plastic solutions to the audience. With the popularization of automation technology and cost reduction, the production process of rubber and plastic industry has been continuously improved, and the degree of automation of mechanical control has been improved. For a long time, Emerson IAC has been market-oriented and forward-looking in innovative research, providing professional solutions for mechanical automation in various industries, especially in the rubber and plastic field in China. Integrating Emerson Inverter and PLC into the injection molding machine control system can accurately realize the temperature control of the material and extrusion system in the molding process, cooperate with other logic control to realize the automatic control of the whole system, and provide a friendly man-machine interface

in addition, as the rubber and plastic industry has higher and higher expectations for injection speed, energy consumption, noise, greater clamping force and other indicators, Emerson continues to improve its product design and performance. After integration, the frequency converter, PLC operating pressure up to 15MPa and servo drive products will play a greater role in the rubber and plastic industry

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