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Emerson wins the bid for Guangzhou microwave station recently, Emerson's energy cost is getting lower and lower, and good news has spread in the field of radio and television. Emerson won the bid in one fell swoop in the bidding for the radio and television digital microwave DC power supply system and power and environmental monitoring system supporting the Guangzhou radio and television microwave circuit digital transformation project. The winning bid includes: Emerson power and environmental monitoring system; High frequency switching power supply; Uninterruptible power supply; A batch of batteries and battery cabinets; Special air conditioner for machine room

Guangzhou Radio and television microwave circuit digital transformation project is an expansion on the basis of the original analog microwave transmission. It takes Huaguoshan as the central station and radiates in seven directions through Baiyun Mountain. The design route is planned as follows: Huaguoshan station is the central station, Guangzhou municipal government station, Baiyunshan station and Nansha huangshanlu station are the microwave uplink and downlink stations, the new radio, film and Television Bureau station, Huadu station, Conghua Fengyun mountain station, Zengcheng jiaoshiling station, Huangpu station, Nansha headquarters station and fan have the following points for reference: Yu station is the microwave terminal station, a total of 11 microwave stations, plus two small optical fiber terminal stations, a total of 13 stations

such a large-scale transformation puts forward more stringent requirements for core equipment such as power equipment and power supply system. With the broadest product line in the industry, professional technical support, perfect service system and years of construction experience in the radio and television field, Emerson Network energy finally won the favor of customers, stood out from many friends with 100% share and won the bid successfully. This bid fully affirmed Emerson's years of hard work in the radio and television industry, and further consolidated Emerson's position as a mainstream supplier in the plastic industry

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