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What should chemical enterprises pay attention to when the regulations on emergency response to production safety accidents will be implemented next month

what should chemical enterprises pay attention to when the regulations on emergency response to production safety accidents will be implemented next month

Before April 1, 2019, Premier Li Keqiang signed a State Council order to promulgate the regulations on emergency response to production safety accidents (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), which will come into force on April 1, 2019. Based on the work safety law and the emergency response law, the regulations summarize and condense the achievements of long-term work safety accident emergency response practice, and put forward norms and requirements for work safety accident emergency response system, emergency preparedness, on-site emergency rescue and corresponding laws

what should chemical enterprises pay attention to in implementing the regulations

the residual concave deformation after the safety production test shall not be greater than: a series of laws and regulations on class a 3.00mm production are clear, the safety production is subject to territorial management, and the production and operation unit shall undertake the legal responsibility of Chinese coating. The regulations further emphasize the main body of emergency management that enterprises should undertake

Shan Chunchang, leader of the emergency management expert group of the State Council, pointed out that the general provisions of the regulations established an emergency system for production safety accidents under the unified leadership of the government, the responsibility of production and business units, hierarchical and classified management, overall coordination and linkage, and territorial management, and clearly stipulated the necessary measures that the accident units and their de facto main principals should undertake and take in emergency response and rescue, as well as the corresponding laws

"the regulations clearly point out that the main person in charge of the production and business operation unit is fully responsible for the production safety accident emergency work of the unit." Wanghaijun, deputy director of the national work safety emergency rescue command center, said that this is conducive to the production and operation units to establish an effective job allocation system in combination with their own conditions, clarify the personnel, scope and assessment standards of each post, implement emergency management at all levels, and ensure the smooth implementation of emergency management of the unit

"under the explanation of the emergency plan, the production and business operation units are responsible for the preparation and revision of the design concept of the testing machine, emergency drills, emergency disposal and other accident emergency work." Zhangxingkai, President of the Chinese Academy of work safety, pointed out that the regulations clearly stipulate the circumstances for illegal accountability. For example, Article 30 specifies that illegal acts shall be investigated according to the provisions of the work safety law

"the government has a duty to defend its territory, and enterprises are duty bound. In 2019, efforts will be made to further strengthen the implementation of work safety, and compact the supervision of local governments and industries and the main body of work safety of enterprises." Wanghaoshui, member of the Party group and chief engineer of the emergency management department, said

improve the level of emergency preparedness

"emergency preparedness is the basic practical activity of emergency management. It is the organizational, material, technical and spiritual preparation for eliminating accident hidden dangers, containing accident crises and effectively responding to accident disasters." Shan Chunchang said that whenever a major danger or accident occurs, the focus of social and public attention is often the effectiveness of emergency response and rescue, and the key factor determining the effectiveness of emergency response and rescue is the level of emergency preparedness at ordinary times

Shan Chunchang said that emergency response and rescue activities are the most direct and effective way to test the level of emergency preparedness. Therefore, the regulations take emergency preparedness as the main task of strengthening emergency management, and standardize the basic contents of emergency preparedness for work safety from the aspects of emergency plan drill, emergency rescue team, emergency material reserve, emergency duty and so on

according to zhangxingkai, the formulation and revision of emergency rescue plan is the top priority of emergency work. Article 5 of the Regulations stipulates that production and business operation entities shall prepare emergency rescue plans according to the characteristics and hazards of possible accidents, the results of hazard identification and risk assessment. Article 6 requires that the emergency rescue plan shall comply with the provisions of relevant laws, regulations, rules and standards, and be scientific, targeted and operable; In case of changes in laws and regulations, institutional responsibilities, resource conditions, major risks or other changes, the emergency rescue plan shall be revised in time

"emergency drill is an important work to ensure timely, scientific, efficient and effective emergency disposal." Zhangxingkai said that Article 8 of the Regulations stipulates that units engaged in the production, operation, storage and transportation of inflammables, explosives, hazardous chemicals and other hazardous substances shall organize drills of emergency rescue plans for production safety accidents at least once every six months, and require relevant departments to conduct spot check drills

On June 4 last year, the office of the safety committee of the State Council reported 8 accidents caused by improper rescue leading to increased casualties. Among the 8 accidents, 8 people were in distress at first, but the casualties increased due to improper rescue, resulting in 26 deaths and 7 injuries. This is a painful lesson

relevant experts said that the reasons were as follows: first, the accident unit did not pay attention to emergency management, the safety risk identification was not in place, the on-site disposal measures were lack of pertinence, the emergency rescue was not handled properly, and the rescue was carried out blindly without knowing the harmful factors and taking reliable protective measures, resulting in the expansion of casualties. Second, the safety education and training work is not in place, the employees' safety awareness is seriously insufficient, the operating procedures are not clear, and the accident unit and site personnel lack basic emergency knowledge and self rescue and mutual rescue ability

liguoqing, director of Shandong dangerous chemicals plugging emergency rescue center, pointed out that in case of leakage, fire explosion, poisoning and other accidents of dangerous chemicals, isolation and evacuation shall be carried out first, protective measures shall be taken, information inquiry and investigation shall be carried out at the same time, professional personnel shall be organized to carry out on-site emergency rescue and rescue according to the process media, and leakage treatment shall be carried out for leakage accidents, Research on fire extinguishing countermeasures for fire accidents. Whether the result parameters or process data, users are allowed to call them randomly to carry out fire fighting. It should be emphasized that the fire fighting of chemical fires should be carried out by a professional fire brigade. Other personnel should not act blindly. After the fire brigade arrives, it should introduce materials and media to cooperate with the fire fighting

"at present, many enterprises' emergency measures are improperly formulated, or there is no emergency plan corresponding to the process. Once an accident occurs, it will have very serious consequences." Zhaojizhang, deputy director of Dezhou Safety Supervision Bureau, pointed out that many accidents are sudden and unpredictable, but the accident conditions and trends still have rules to follow. The predictability and pertinence of the plan shall be enhanced, and the expected effect shall be achieved when the accident occurs

after the accident, the key to prevent the expansion of the accident and reduce the accident losses is to make a positive response and take effective measures at the first time. The regulations specify the emergency rescue measures that should be taken by the production and business operation entities after the occurrence of production safety accidents. Its starting point is to highlight the first-time response, which is conducive to improving the timeliness and efficiency of rescue

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