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Yixing Lawei adopts Emerson PlantWeb factory management and control and foundation fieldbus technology

Yixing Lawei denim Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Yixing Lawei Textile Group and American swift to produce high-grade denim. It takes levisgapaeovflee and other world-class brands as its main customers, and has a single workshop of more than 50000 square meters. Since the enterprise was put into operation at the end of 2007, it has successively launched more than 100 denim varieties to the European, American and Japanese markets. Yixing Lewei denim production line is located in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. The core machines of the production line include: 24 beam Morrison dyeing machine, double groove double rolled Zuk sizing machine, monforts stretching and setting machine, monforts shrinking machine

at present, the domestic textile industry control system mostly focuses on realizing the automation of the textile process performance of a single equipment, but ignores the networking structure of the system. The denim production line is traditionally controlled by a single PLC and operated manually. The control accuracy is greatly affected by human factors, environment, equipment and other factors. Users cannot observe the operation of the production line at any time in the central control room, which is not conducive to centralized monitoring and management. For the maintenance of field instruments, regular patrol inspection can only be used. Users hope to adopt new automation technology in the textile industry to replace traditional solutions, ensure accurate control, improve product quality and reduce operation and maintenance costs. The foundation fieldbus technology has promoted the development of the control system in the textile industry in the direction of decentralization, networking and intelligence, and provided opportunities for enterprises to improve factory performance and reduce operating costs

Lowell denim Co., Ltd. adopts the automation structure of PlantWeb digital factory based on foundation fieldbus technology provided by Emerson, including control system, intelligent field equipment and intelligent equipment management software. However, it has obtained the economic benefits brought by the use of advanced technology. The automation scheme includes:

· del pay more attention to wiping TAV process automation system during rainy season

· AMS device management combination: intelligent device management software

· Rosemount pressure and temperature transmitter (FF and Hart)

· micromotion Coriolis mass flowmeter (FF)

· Fisher Valve and digital valve positioner dvc6000f (FF)

· Rosemount pH analyzer (FF)

senior instrument engineer yexiaobo said: "AMS intelligent equipment management software enables us to conduct instrument calibration in the control room. The interface is intuitive and clear. There is no need to go to the site, which saves time and improves the work efficiency. With the intelligent valve positioner dvc6000f, the valve calibration becomes simple and the work efficiency is significantly improved. It is often both the driving force and the resistance range. It can know the gas supply pressure and the health of the valve in real time. If the oil pipe is broken, 80% of the valve calibration time is saved Room. "

the following benefits can be realized by adopting Emerson automation scheme:

· the foundation fieldbus technology is applied to replace the traditional PLC control, which improves the control and management level

· 120 loop control functions are decentralized to the site, so the control safety and accuracy are better

· save 50% of instrument cables and cabinets

· using dvc6000f intelligent valve positioner, the valve adjustment time is saved by 80%

· AMS intelligent device management system improves the maintenance level

· DeltaV inspect software brings great convenience to instrument maintenance

the whole scheme is based on the structure of PlantWeb digital factory and takes the fieldbus control system DeltaV as the center, replacing the original PLC control scheme. The one to many star topology of the bus saves 50% of the instrument cables, terminals and cabinets, which is one of the advantages of the foundation's fieldbus technology. The human-computer interface of DeltaV system is simple and easy to use, and the intelligent instrument is stable and reliable, which makes it easy to centrally monitor and manage the production process, and the user has obtained obvious benefits

control in field is another outstanding advantage of foundation fieldbus technology. Using the foundation fieldbus technology, the functions of 120 PID control loops are all delegated to the fieldbus equipment for execution, and the control functions are more dispersed in the field, which improves the safety and accuracy of the control and reduces the operating load of the controller

users are also impressed by the extensibility of the foundation fieldbus. To add a new measuring point on a section, just connect a pair of signal lines from the transmitter to the terminal on the junction box. There is no need to add new terminals and IO cards, let alone lay cables from the site to the control room

valve calibration is a very time-consuming work. Now the intelligent valve positioner dvc6000f is adopted, and users can directly complete the commissioning in the central control room, saving 80% of the calibration time and the operation and maintenance costs

The powerful real-time monitoring function of DeltaV inspect software provides equipment maintenance personnel with real-time operation status information of all control loops and equipment, and can directly jump to the corresponding equipment through the status list, which facilitates equipment maintenance and saves the operation cost of the production line

Lowell denim Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in the textile industry by adopting the all digital foundation fieldbus technology provided by Emerson. The control system has been in good operation since it was put into operation in december2007. The production line is developing towards intelligence and informatization, which greatly improves the maintenance level

baijingquan, general manager of operations, said: "I am very glad that the automation structure of PlantWeb digital chemical plant based on foundation fieldbus technology has been successfully applied in Lewei denim production line, because this technology has helped us realize centralized management and decentralized control in a real sense. The bus system operates stably and expands flexibly. AMS intelligent device management system can provide instrument diagnosis function, help us know the health status of instruments in advance, and save General maintenance costs. "

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