Emerson announces plans to host bioenergy Summit

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Emerson announced that it plans to host the bioenergy summit Emerson Process Management announced that it will host a series of regional bioenergy summits for the first time, and will mainly discuss how to successfully meet the challenges and apply alternative fuel technologies to mass production, so as to create a sustainable and commercially viable industrial sector for alternative fuels

Emerson takes this opportunity to actively respond to lsquo proposed by the state; One belt and one channel rsquo; The first "bio refining/bioenergy Summit: migration visual production for risk reduction" held by the development strategy company will be held in Madison, Wisconsin on December 11. Participants will have the opportunity to see alternative fuels to promote the global energy supply and demand gap, share best production practices and commercialization of alternative fuels with automation technology in modern industrial (Liu Huan) plants

at present, the gap between conventional and total production is increasing. According to the "world energy organization Outlook 2008" report released by the International Energy Association, the world oil shortage will reach 28.6 million barrels by 2030. To fill this gap, conventional crude oil production needs to be replaced

Alan Novak, the leader of the summit and the director of Emerson Process Management, said: "alternative fuels are becoming necessary after the completion of this transaction to meet the future global energy demand. The purpose of these regional summits is to carefully examine how to reduce the project risk cost and the listing schedule, so that Bioenergy facilities can be successfully and rapidly produced from the blueprint."

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