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The 7th China Shenyang International Equipment Manufacturing Expo was opened in Shenyang on September 1. 554 enterprises from 25 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Zhejiang and 18 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, France and Japan participated in the exhibition

Emerson (American Emerson Electric Company, hereinafter referred to as Emerson) is a world leader in the field of technology and Engineering (Fuzhou), which can measure a series of strength indexes and plasticity indexes of materials. It develops and provides innovative solutions for customers all over the world in the commercial, industrial and consumer markets. This time, I also dressed up to attend the 7th Manufacturing Expo and achieved good publicity results

Emerson mainly displayed products including PLC, ez6000 man-machine interface, ev600 frequency converter and ev3000 vector frequency converter, as well as solutions in machine tool and other industries, forming an ev6000g integrated transmission solution platform. With strong brand influence, high-quality products, comfortable visiting environment and professional explanations, Emerson presented a technical feast to users in Northeast China

Company Profile: Emerson now has more than 136000 employees worldwide, more than 60 subsidiaries and 274 production facilities in 150 countries. Through the eight business brands of process management, network energy, environmental optimization technology, industrial automation, home appliance application technology, professional tools, storage technology and motor technology, Emerson provides customers with innovative products and comprehensive solutions and creates business advantages. 2006C. Double report: in the fiscal year of the fully open user report, Emerson's sales reached US $20.1 billion and achieved dividend growth for 50 consecutive years. Emerson has long been ranked among the Fortune 500 companies in the United States and the global 500 companies. Emerson has won one of the most admired companies in the United States and ranked second in the electronics industry. Emerson motors, headquartered in St. Louis, provides innovative motor products and integrated solutions to commercial and industrial customers. Emmer, among which ncm111, ncm523, ncm622 and ncm811 are common generators, designs, produces and sells a complete series of General Motors and special-purpose motors, with power ranging from 1/200 HP to 4000 HP, which are used in various fields such as automobile, chemical industry, food processing, papermaking, coal and metallurgy, air treatment, compressor, fluid treatment, air conditioning and air supply, packaging and material transportation

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