Bath wind strikes Gauss bathroom Thanksgiving happ

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It seems that just overnight, people's life and consumption concepts have undergone earth shaking changes, ranging from cars and houses to jewelry bags. In addition to the needs of basic functions, people pay more attention to the added value and humanistic significance of products. The choice of sanitary products in home life also follows such principles, and is increasingly changing towards personality fashion, energy conservation and environmental protection

as an important part of home decoration, people's requirements for bathroom quality are gradually highlighted: how to choose appropriate bathroom products according to family needs and make them perfectly integrate with the overall decoration style; How to integrate the elements of personality, nature and human care while paying attention to practicality, so as to make the products both aesthetic and ornamental; How to meet the personalized needs of customers, design relatively new products with high cost performance, unique fashion, energy conservation and environmental protection, and lead the green and healthy consumption concept has become a problem that many front-line bathroom brand operators are actively thinking about

in such a case, Gauss sanitary ware, a well-known sanitary ware brand in China, launched a new “ Happy season &mdash& mdash; Enjoy decoration to Gauss ” Decoration pictures award-winning selection activities. The author made a special trip to interview the person in charge of this activity. It is understood that this activity aims to collect and select decoration pictures, investigate the current popular decoration styles and home tastes, explore the potential consumer market and consumer awareness, and provide useful reference for Gauss to adjust the direction of product design and lead the new trend of the sanitary industry. At the same time, the person in charge said that Gauss sanitary ware chose Thanksgiving to launch this activity, in order to thank the consumers who have chosen Gauss sanitary ware products for many years. It is precisely because of their trust that Gauss can constantly launch new products in such fierce market competition and become one of the first-line domestic brands




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