Youmu Chinese embroidered wall cloth, sandalwood h

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Let's take a look at the wonderful Chinese embroidery of youmu wall cloth

Fengnan; Water cold

peony fragrance

morning dew

evening rain Xiaoxiang

flower wall shadow

bamboo forest wind late

sigh rain and lotus sink residual dew

and see easy wind and frost dyeing

sandalwood heart Jade Phoenix

water lotus

Tiantian bajiu leaves, scattered at the beginning of the green pool

only when it is tender and green can the water level, and the round shade has covered the fish

the duckweeds are not covered properly, and the weak ones are still sparse

at the bottom of spring waves, my heart is not relaxed

love of mountains and rivers

youmu ・ enjoy the beauty of life

(source: youmu wall cloth, invasion and deletion)


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