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In spring, the performance of wooden door dealers rose steadily in the generally unfavorable market environment. What's the secret? Recently, reporter Huiya interviewed three excellent dealers in spring with some questions to solve the mystery for everyone

the development of the home furnishing industry has encountered a bottleneck. Similarly, the competition in the wooden door industry has become increasingly fierce. In such a bad market environment, dealers will inevitably suffer. It is understood that the performance of wooden door dealers rose steadily in the generally unfavorable market environment in spring. What's the secret? Recently, reporter Huiya interviewed three excellent dealers in spring with some questions to solve the mystery for everyone

● interviewees:

spring wooden door Jiuquan song Zhongcheng

spring wooden door Wulanhaote baohudagula

spring wooden door Lin'an Zhou Meifang

★ question 1: why do you choose spring among many wooden door brands nowadays

although the wooden door industry has not been favored recently, it still cannot prevent entrepreneurs from loving the wooden door industry. Therefore, nowadays, there are still various brands in the wood door industry. How to choose a brand that you like and suitable for your business is a problem worth pondering for dealers. For the problem of how to choose a proxy brand, Lin'an Zhou Meifang said: "The original intention of choosing 'spring' at the beginning is that the name gives people a sense of intimacy. After planning to choose to operate this brand, I went to spring for a field trip. During the trip, I found that spring not only has strong strength, but also has very strong product uniqueness. After this trip, I decided to act as an agent for spring, and I believe that spring will become a leading enterprise in the industry in the future." Song Zhongcheng of Jiuquan said, "the reason why I chose spring wooden doors and floors is mainly because the super strength, outstanding brand promotion ability, unique product selling points and excellent product quality of spring group have given me great confidence and motivation, so I chose spring."

(Jiuquan songzhongcheng)

★ question 2: in the process of cooperation with spring, which aspect is the most satisfied with spring

in the industry, spring has always been known for its dealer assistance. When talking about spring's support for dealers, people couldn't help praising them. When asked what is the most satisfactory aspect of cooperation with spring, Wulanhaote baohudagula said, "first of all, the quality of spring can be guaranteed, and consumers especially recognize the quality of spring wooden doors, and its unique T-type silent door has special selling points, and we are also very good at promoting spring wooden doors; second, the manufacturer's personnel in spring particularly support our work, and our dealers get along well with the manufacturer's staff, just like their friends and family." Zhou Meifang of Lin'an said, "spring has always attached importance to the cultivation of dealers, and will give full support after the success of investment attraction, so that dealers can continue to move forward under the leadership of such" big parents ". Spring has a team dedicated to helping dealers. This team not only provides technical support, but also organizes dealers to hold training sessions to teach dealers the methods and skills of managing stores. "

(Ulanhot baohudagula)

★ question 3: how do you do in store management? How can spring assist you in store management

store management determines the performance, which has to attract the attention of dealers. In this regard, Jiuquan song Zhongcheng said his management secret: "In order to succeed in sales, we need to understand the needs of the market and consumers. To operate a high-end wooden door brand, we need star rated pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. Treat customers with a sincere heart, regard customers as God, be good at speaking, understanding, doing good morals, eliminating public worries, meeting customer needs, and surpassing customer expectations in exchange for customer trust and satisfaction with products." Wulanhaote baohudagula said, "first of all, I should set a good example. I must have a special understanding of the knowledge of wooden door products and the selling points of wooden door sales, so that not only customers recognize me, but also the employees in the store believe in me; secondly, I should get along well with other employees in the store, so that they feel that they are not working for others, but for themselves. This store is all of us."

★ question 4: you have achieved such good results this year. What aspects do you mainly do

this year has been called the "cold winter" year, but in spring, the dealers reported good news again and again. Ask why, Ulanhot baohudagula said: "First, we should have a good right-hand assistant and team. Only when our internal team has the ability, can we rest assured to expand our business circle of friends; second, we should maintain the relationship with old customers, be generous to customers, don't haggle over every ounce, and be friends with customers, so that our customers can bring us lists. Because it is important to do this industry, whether word-of-mouth or service; third, we should be willing to spend money on advertising and promotion in the local area , I need to know that advertising in the local area is for myself, not for others. Let the local people know our spring wooden door brand. " Lin'an zhoumeifang said: "I will regularly participate in the training conference held in the spring, learn from it, and constantly change my marketing mode and concept to make it conform to the current market environment. In the training conference, I will constantly discuss experience with dealers across the country, learn from each other, and learn from each other. In addition, I will often contact the local decoration team to have a good relationship with designers and decoration companies. Contacts are money. In terms of customers, when they encounter difficulties, I also I will do my best to help them. "

(Lin'an Zhou Meifang)

[reporter's notes]: after talking with the three dealers, we felt spring's dedicated help to the dealers, and also realized the dealers' loyalty to spring. Because of this, both sides have achieved a win-win situation




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