Another batch of new products of Xinshao aluminum

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Another batch of new aluminum products are on the market! Integrating a number of new technologies, it is extraordinary

the annual event of the door and window building materials industry is coming

Guangzhou Construction Expo, Dali Fengchi exhibition

what will be the surprise in July this year

of course, if you want to be surprised, find Xinshao.

Xinshao aluminum gives the door and window industry new products and new styles every year.

these new products are often the wind vane of the industry development

this time is no exception.

creating a new door and window profile with ultra-high sealing performance

will provide a heavy weapon for many door and window manufacturers

120 broken bridge sliding window

120 broken bridge casement window

108 broken bridge casement window

93 broken bridge casement window

65 broken bridge sliding window

these new products adopt many advanced technologies in design, such as flat frame appearance, invisible drainage, corner code can be injected with glue, equal ballast waterproof, same plane heat insulation and other designs, which not only have high appearance, but also have better air tightness and water tightness than previous products

see the text description in the picture for specific details. Remember to visit Xinshao exhibition hall in Fengchi, Dali, and Xinshao is always waiting for you

Foshan Xinshao Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been in the industry for more than ten years, with 15000 square meters of standardized workshops, specializing in all kinds of aluminum alloy household profiles. Its products include medium and high-end color aluminum door profiles, aluminum alloy sliding door profiles, bridge broken casement profiles, heavy-duty sliding door profiles, folding door profiles, casement profiles, aluminum alloy sliding window profiles, casement profiles, sunshine room profiles, etc




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