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At present, the faucet on the market has shown a situation of flowers competing for beauty. From the perspective of the new faucet market, these water-saving terminal guardians have three characteristics

at present, the faucets on the market have shown a situation of flowers competing for beauty. From the perspective of the new faucet market, these water-saving terminal guards have three characteristics:

exquisite faucets

first, novel structure. Most of the new faucets are made of stainless steel or copper ceramic chips. The switch of the faucet and the control of water temperature are adjusted by moving the two ceramic chips back and forth, left and right. Some faucets are equipped with a stainless steel mesh cover at the outlet, and the water released is in the shape of flexible foam, which makes people feel soft and comfortable, and will not splash

second, it has various functions. New faucets, such as induction series, are often found in the toilets of hotels and shopping malls. The faucet used in the kitchen is generally of the long nozzle rotatable type, which is installed between the two washing basins. Such a faucet can be used flexibly, and at the same time, it also reduces the occupied space. There is a new type of faucet for the basin, and the faucet is equipped with a hose, which is similar to the shower

third, excellent shape. Most of the new faucets have smooth shapes and different colors, which adds a decorative function to the faucet. Some faucets are plated with titanium, chromium, paint, porcelain, etc; In addition to the common streamline and duck tongue shapes, there are also spherical, slender conical and inverted triangle shapes. These shapes make the faucet market full of flowers, each with its own characteristics, and sometimes look more like a work of art

luxury classical faucet

nowadays, most of the new faucets are stainless steel or copper ceramic core. This kind of faucet has two ceramic pieces that are often close to each other. The switch of the faucet and the regulation of water temperature are controlled by the movement of these two ceramic pieces. One of them can slide in different directions, while the position of the other is fixed. The fixed piece has three holes, one for hot water, one for cold water, the third is a water outlet, and the other piece has only one hole. In this way, the two ceramic sheets can guide different amounts of cold and hot water to the outlet hole with different contact areas to control the water temperature. Due to the high wear resistance of ceramic chips, the service life of this kind of faucet is much longer than that of cast iron faucet. The international standard is 300000 times of opening and closing

the new faucet not only has a new structure, but also has a bright shape and appearance. Highlighting the decoration is another novelty of it. These faucets have titanium gold plating, chromium plating, paint baking, porcelain baking and other types on the surface, and chromium plating on stainless steel is the most common. Color faucets are also loved by people. The colors include red, yellow, black, blue, etc. they can be matched with other appliances in the bathroom and kitchen to play a decorative role. In terms of shape, the handle and outlet pipe of the faucet are various, most of which are streamlined. The more high-end products, the more unique their shape is. In addition to the common spherical and curved handle, there are also slender conical handle and inverted triangle handle made of polychromatic crystal, which are similar to door handles, and are installed on the washbasin or bathtub like works of art

luxury classical faucet

the price of new faucets is also high, ranging from dozens to twoorthree yuan. The high-end ones are four or five hundred yuan. The import can reach about 1000 yuan. The difference between domestic and imported: first, appearance. The imported appearance is smoother, smoother and smoother, and the shape is more modern and fashionable; The second is the precision of parts assembly. Most of the imported ones are made of bronze, while the domestic ones are made of brass. When choosing, the key is the feel. When you pull the switch, you should feel soft and effortless. If the feel is astringent and laborious or too light, it means that the assembly structure is not good. When buying, don't blindly recognize the low price. Faucets with inferior quality and low price are easy to rust and have a short service life. Try to buy them in specialty stores

faucets with different prices also differ in the quality of electroplating. Generally speaking, the main raw materials of faucets are divided into miscellaneous copper and pure copper, and the more advanced is the mixed material of copper and nickel. Pure copper is not easy to corrode and oxidize. After many times of polishing, it is conducive to electroplating, and the electroplating quality is better than that of miscellaneous copper. In addition, the plating thickness is also very particular. Generally speaking, the plating thickness of faucets produced by small manufacturers with small scale, poor equipment and weak technical strength is only 3-4 microns, and this thickness is prone to oxidation and corrosion. At present, the international standard of electroplating thickness of faucets is 8 microns, and the best can reach 12 microns

there is also an intelligent faucet with memory metal inside, which can effectively control the water temperature between 36 ℃ and 60 ℃, which can effectively prevent children from being scalded. Intelligence is also the reason for the high price of faucets





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