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On site emergency maintenance of construction machinery

in the work of construction machinery, the on-site environment is often poor. For example, in the construction of the project, because the construction is mostly in remote places, in addition to the tight construction funds, there are many varieties and models of mechanical equipment, once the mechanical equipment is damaged, it will often affect the use of machinery and construction period due to the lack of individual parts; During the maintenance of motor vehicles, the motor vehicle suddenly breaks down, and the standard accessories can not be purchased for the time being. Therefore, we should be able to flexibly deal with some seemingly intractable problems in the use and maintenance of construction machinery, so that we can often get twice the result with half the effort. For example, we can use some easily available daily supplies for emergency use, which can achieve better results. Here, this paper introduces several simple emergency maintenance methods

I. reasons why parts can not work normally and how to solve them on site

1 Incorrect installation of parts and components

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for example, the support ring in the hydraulic cylinder seal of some construction machinery (mainly made of filled tetrafluoroethylene material) has poor elasticity, so it should be soaked in 100oC oil for 10 ~ 20 minutes before installation to make it soft, and then installed when it is more elastic

2. Problems in parts operation

the idea of fangmeimeike in the Chinese market is that it causes many problems, especially when new drivers are not familiar with machine performance during the operation of engineering vehicles. For example, the splines of the half shaft of an engineering vehicle were often worn. Later, it was found that the driver had not disengaged the differential lock, which increased the load on the transmission parts during use, resulting in serious wear. Therefore, the operation should be improved

3. For example, two traveling hydraulic motors on an excavator broke down at the same time. After inspection, it was found that the oil seal on the multi-channel swivel joint was damaged and blocked the circuit. Therefore, this problem should be solved in time, otherwise the hydraulic motor will be damaged in the future

4. Quality problems of parts

for example, the company and Honeywell won the bid for the exclusive supply of C919 aircraft wheel and brake system. There is an excavator with the qualification of exclusive supply. The bearings of its hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump and reducer have been damaged. After replacing the original bearings, they are still broken. Finally, the problem is solved by installing imported bearings. Similarly, the oil seal of the boom cylinder of this excavator was often damaged in summer. Later, it was found that the clearance between the original piston and the cylinder barrel was too large. After the piston was reworked on site, the oil seal was not damaged again

II. Several emergency maintenance skills

1 skillfully use a wrench to tighten bolts

sometimes it is difficult to disassemble and assemble parts due to the lack of a suitable wrench, especially for some bolts of imported construction machinery, domestic wrenches are either large or small. In addition, sometimes there are problems in disassembly and assembly due to incomplete wrenches carried with the machine. At this time, the following measures can be adopted to solve the urgent problem (mainly for this project, the high-performance corrosive aluminum alloy materials innovated by mett new aluminum are used in shipbuilding. For box spanners, open-end wrenches (solid wrenches) and Allen wrenches, spanners, pipe tongs and other tools shall be used as little as possible, otherwise the parts may be damaged). If the box spanners or open-end wrenches used are larger than the bolt heads (or nuts) to be screwed, The hexagonal wrench is smaller than the bolt head to be screwed. Place some copper sheet, iron wire or screwdriver inside the wrench (box spanner, open-ended wrench) or outside the wrench (hexagonal wrench), and then slowly add force to disassemble and install; When the open-end wrench is smaller than the bolt head (or nut) and the hexagonal wrench is larger than the bolt head, file the open-end wrench larger and the hexagonal size of the hexagonal wrench smaller with a file respectively. Through the above treatment, the emergency disassembly and assembly can be solved in most cases, and the modified wrench can be kept for future use

2. The connecting rod bearing of w4-60 excavator air pump (ski-82 type) is often easy to be damaged when the bearing race is removed skillfully. After damage, the outer ring of the bearing is still embedded in the connecting rod hole, which is difficult to remove. Because the outer ring is hard, it is easy to slip when sawing with a hacksaw, and hard hitting is easy to damage the connecting rod. At this time, the connecting rod can be clamped on the Bench Vise, and the socket head in the heavy socket wrench can be selected. On one side, the socket head that is slightly smaller than the outer ring of the bearing is used to hold the outer ring of the bearing, and on the other side, the socket head that is slightly larger than the size of the connecting rod bearing hole is used to hold the side of the connecting rod hole, and then gradually increase the force to clamp the Bench Vise, so that the outer ring of the bearing will be slowly pressed out. If there is a gas cutting tool, the outer ring of the bearing can be cut directly by gas cutting

3. Skillful removal of tires

when removing the tires of large wheel loaders and bulldozers, it is difficult to separate the tires and rims. Because they have been used for a long time and have not been removed, the rims may be rusted, making the tires and rims stick very tightly. The method of deflating, walking and rolling back and forth is not very effective, but the following method can achieve good results: after removing the lock ring (some imported construction machinery such as wd140 bulldozer has an outer ring on its tire), add water between the tire and rim for lubrication, press both sides of the tire with two bulldozer blades, and use an iron rod with appropriate length in the middle to cross the wheel, Then put on the steel wire rope and lift it with a crane or loader, so that the tire and rim can be easily separated

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