Application efficiency of CimatronE in Automobile

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The application of CimatronE in automobile forging die improves the efficiency by 40%

a forging company specializes in producing automobile steering knuckle forgings. In the process of using CimatronE to program automobile forging die, compared with other programming software, the efficiency is improved by 40%

because of its unique repair rate, the automobile forging die is obviously different from other dies in the two zigzag experiments. For example, a pair of new dies can sink again after forging and then be processed after welding, which can be used as a new die, which can effectively improve the service life of the forging die

1. Powerful hair embryo recognition function. When making a sinking die, you can directly raise the existing model and take the size to sink as the rough embryo, and establish a layer separately; When creating the wool embryo procedure, you can skip this program as a reference wool embryo; When using rough machining calculation, the existing model can be directly selected as the machining surface calculation to complete the process planning of die sinking, which is very convenient, fast, practical and efficient

2. Flexible surface allowance function. Because automobile forging dies are generally designed in an open way, and their shaping dies are generally obtained by setting different surface machining allowance based on the forging die, it is required to place different machining allowance according to different process requirements. This can be easily done in CimatronE, which can scale 6 groups of different surface sidewall and bottom allowance at the same time. This effectively reduces the links of mold design and saves a lot of time for mold development

3. Efficient hair embryo preview function. This is something that similar (especially valuable for multi-hole mold) software cannot do. After a process is prepared and before the calculation program, you can use this function to preview, find out the irrationality of parameter setting in time and improve it in time. The preview time usually takes only a few seconds to complete. After screwing in the screw, it can effectively prevent the waste of calculation time caused by wrong parameter setting, This is what most programmers want

4. Fast contour application function. In the process of NC process planning of molds, contour lines are often used to limit the machining area. CimatronE provides a variety of ways to select contour lines

5. Powerful surface finishing function according to slope. This function is used by many users, that is, the so-called universal wcut finishing in the IT era. As we all know, it is very powerful. In CimatronE, the best contour can be achieved by setting a reasonable angle (approximate to zero angle) and processing mode (contour + 3D). The straight wall part adopts contour + interlayer tool supplement to achieve uniform allowance, and the plane part adopts 3D (large step)

6. Quick residual hair embryo function. Many novices or it users are used to drawing the contour line for secondary roughening. Using this function can quickly and accurately know the margin after roughening, and provide the benchmark for drawing the contour, instead of completely evaluating the margin based on experience, which is definitely a great blessing for novices

CimatronE continues to maintain its innovative concept, especially from CimatronE 9 0, continuously strengthened the technical details of programming to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the program! (end)


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